Magic with Clay

Andrew Sellery, Ceramics Teacher
Sunday, March 20, 2016

Greetings from the clay room!

It has been quite the journey this Semester as students searched their own way in expressing themselves in clay. Students always excited in the beginning to explore something fun, soon arrive at the reality that new things have there own very challenging aspects in the learning curve. All students have indeed found their way through this process and are really ready to blossom in the journey of self expression.
We have arrived at the mid point of our Semester in Ceramics, and it was shared in a magical night of Raku! So wonderful to watch a student body so boldly step up to the challenges Raku demands. Presented with extreme heat and smoke, their red hot clay art was deftly tonged to the reduction cans with great teamwork. Raku is such a wonderful dance of movement demanding each participant be thoughtful of their position and job in the Raku process. Everyone did great!
So excited for the second half of this Semester and confident each student will be ready to step up to the challenges presented them, and finish the Semester a little bit closer to understanding their own artful voice.
Enjoy these photos from last Friday's Raku event!

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