Woolman Outdoor School

Connecting People with the Natural World in Deep and Meaningful Ways

Woolman is an educational center on Nisenan land that promotes inquiry, personal growth, agency, collaboration and land stewardship in an immersive natural setting. Woolman’s 240-acre rural campus of forest, trails, streams, meadows, ponds, orchards and an organic farm provides a backdrop for Outdoor School.

The Woolman Outdoor School program provides immersive and collaborative learning experiences for youth in a natural setting that incorporates scientific inquiry, personal reflection and community building. Participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their environment, and the natural world.

Groups generally come to Outdoor School for 1-5 days, can choose from a range of enrichment opportunities and will engage in learning activities facilitated by Woolman staff and partner organizations throughout their stay.

Outdoor Learning

At Woolman Outdoor School, we are able to cater our program to the needs and desired focus of each group, all within the frame of encouraging learning outside a traditional classroom setting. Woolman staff are trained in leading a diverse range of enrichment activities. We also coordinate with partner organizations to offer focused instruction in specific fields as well as providing unique insight into real-world application of skills and knowledge. Enrichment activities have included:

Farm and Food: Participants get hands-on experience in multiple tasks on a small farm, learn about food systems, food justice and realities for small farmers in California.

Birding in the Sierra Foothills: Through instruction in the field, observation and documentation, participants are taught how to be effective and knowledgeable observers of wild specimens.

Fire Ecology: In partnership with local foresters, participants learn about the importance of wildfires for certain ecosystems and the consequences and benefits of human intervention.

Citizen Science: Working with regional watershed science organizations, participants are introduced to data collection, tracking elements of the local ecosystem and learning how these systems connect and support each other.

Arts in Nature: Participants will work on creative projects that emphasize use of natural materials, sustainable building practices, skill development and collaborative building.

Are you a teacher or school administrator interested in bringing students to Woolman? Contact Programs Director Morgan Street at morgans@woolman.org to schedule a call or in-person meeting.