Teen Leadership Camp

Teen Leadership Camp sessions offer 14 – 17 year olds the chance to engage with wilderness challenges, exercise leadership on multiple levels, and practice skills vital to becoming independent backpackers and trip leaders – all while forming a truly unique and unforgettable community. Teens will go on two 3-day backpacking trips, on which they will learn important trail skills from their counselors, including trail cooking, topo map reading, orienteering, and trip planning.

Finally, in each TLC session there are always endless opportunities to cook, dance, play, swim, art and craft, and whatever else we can come up with in our breaks from hiking. Summer after summer we watch our teens become independent and confident hikers, empathetic and engaged community members, and we see them shine their brightest in the company of strong friendships, stunning mountain views, and life-long memories.

Our Programs Offer

• Incredible trips to locations throughout Tahoe National Forest including Grouse Ridge, Castle Peak and the Yuba River.

• Learn new skills like trip planning, leadership, trail cooking, native plant identification, survival skills and even time for solo wilderness reflection.

• Leadership opportunities by working together, and using creative problem solving in team-building exercises both on and off the trail.

• Place-based education will give you fascinating insights about the natural world you call home. Explore the depth of yourself as a sensitive, unique and dynamic human being in a constantly transitioning world.

• Personal achievements to pursue a goal designed by your own interests. You will be supported to grow exactly the way you wish, with challenges fit to your unique heart and mind.

• Amazing friendships that last and open new doors. Whether they are campers that return each summer, or teens totally new to the Woolman experience, we see  incredibly strong connections form among the teen participants that embark on the TLC journey together.



At Camp Woolman, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. We will have multiple sleeping accommodations available, so that campers can feel at ease as they fall asleep. You will get to decide ahead of time whether you prefer co-ed or same gender sleeping areas. Each space will always be supervised by at least two of our awesome, professional team members.