Meet Our Camp Staff

Wombat Camp Director

Sonja Feinberg

I first came to Woolman as a Semester School student in 2013. After falling in love with the pastures, ponderosa pines, and rustic living, I knew I had no choice but to apply to this "Camp Woolman" I kept hearing about. Nothing could have prepared for what a magical, loving, challenging, and truly unique experience Camp Woolman would become for me. I spent my first three summers working as a Wombat Camp counselor, and I will never forget how kind, compassionate, and accepting my very first cabin of 12 year olds was. A first I was quite intimidated by them, but they showed me right off the bat how truly unique the Woolman community is. They were patient, kind, and full of excitement as they taught me the inner workings and magic of Camp Woolman - from their perspective. They introduced me to campers of all ages, silly games and songs you will only find at Woolman, and they inspired me to be as open and vulnerable as I could be in this community full of support. This is how I can best describe Woolman, it is not just our staff that will put in every effort and kindness to make new faces feel welcome and at home, but this sort of accepting and celebrating love radiates from our campers as well. I found working in Teen Leadership Camp, both as a counselor and a Co-Director, equally accepting and loving. My teens taught me about facing your fears, relying on your community for strength, and channeling your inner goof ball as often as possible. I am excited to see what lessons and surprises are in store for me this first summer of being Wombat Camp Director.

A majority of my Wilderness Leadership skills were cultivated through courses with the National Outdoor Leadership School, Prescott College, and receiving my Wilderness First Responder certificate. I received my degree in Sustainable Design from Pacific University in Oregon with the intention of pursuing a career in sustainable architecture, but one week into my Masters program I got delightfully side tracked by Outdoor Education. I left Architecture School's dusty drafting studios behind and gleefully skipped into a wold full of exploring nature with children and teens. I spent 2 years working at Outdoor Schools in Colorado and Oregon, primarily teaching forest ecology, marine biology, wilderness skills, and team building.  Perhaps I will be called back to architecture later on in life, but for now you may find me leading groups of kids through forests and meadows, examining the grasshoppers, returning the call of a bullfrog, and singing songs about chickens on a barn yard fence.

Teen Leadership Camp Director

Megan Pinnell

When I found Woolman, I knew I had to apply and experience this community of like-minded individuals. I've dedicated my career to working in youth focused programming that develops leadership skills, a passion for service, and a sense of belonging. My passion for working with youth began when I completed an internship with Headstart for my B.A. in Sociology from Texas A&M University. After graduation I moved to Austin, Texas and spent time volunteering for various non-profits. After a few years of contemplation and soul searching, I applied to Peace Corps. I served for two years in Aranos, Namibia under the Community Health and HIV/AIDS Program. I had the privilege of creating and participating in several projects which included a women's empowerment cooperative, Life Skills classes for primary school learners, and a Youth Action Committee sponsored by the local town council. During this time, I learned a new language and embraced a new culture, practiced patience and acceptance, and even got to pet a cheetah. But more importantly, I discovered who I am and what I want in life! After completing my time with Peace Corps, I worked as a Community School Coordinator for a Title I elementary school outside of Washington, DC. In this position, I worked diligently to find affordable after school programming that would uplift and inspire our students. I am currently finishing my Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Child and Family Therapy at Simmons University and interning as a therapist at a local high school. As part of the Woolman community, I will bring with me my compassion, enthusiasm, and belief in the possibility of positive change.

I definitely do not consider myself an expert backpacker by any means, but I'm enthusiastic and eager to learn more from the counselors and campers at Woolman! I come from a family where staying on a lake in a luxury RV is considered camping. My love for being outdoors has developed later in life. After I finished my undergraduate degree, I moved to Austin and found myself lacking coping skills to deal with stress. One day, I decided to adventure out on the gorgeous trails for my first hike. My stress seemed to melt away as I absorbed my surroundings and took time to find my inner peace/strength. During my Peace Corps experience, I continued to enjoy outdoor activities and challenged myself to multi-day camping trips and hikes to some of the most beautiful spots in southern Africa. I’m ready to take the next step in my growth process. Summer 2019 will be an adventure for everyone involved and I cannot wait to experience this family that I’ve heard so much about. Although I may be new to Woolman, I feel like I've been looking for a place like it all my life!

Wombat Camp Assistant Director

Deja Cannon

Woolman has been an integral part of my life for over ten years as I grew from a camper, to a CIT, to a counselor, and now Assistant Director. Woolman has always been my favorite place in the world because of the magic that lives there.  Every summer at Woolman is spent meeting people from all over the world all come to bask in nature’s glory and build a loving camp community of silliness and connection. Woolman changed my life as a camper by offering me a place where I was able to discover and be my true self in an environment that accepted and nurtured me. My goal this summer is to share that same magic, love, and light I experienced as a camper with all the new and returning campers I am able to encounter. It is a place where you are able to ground yourself once more with mother nature and allow her to truly release your inner self.  I am looking forward to in depth talks about our world and all that we can do to preserve it.  I'm excited to sing, to laugh, and to run around with all my new camp friends! 


Wombat Camp Counselors

Teagan (Treegan)

Let me just say I love working at Woolman! I  found the camp online and began as a Counselor in Training, and then worked as a counselor last summer. In my time at Woolman my passion for the outdoors and for helping people experience them has grown. Working with kids makes me so happy and it is my goal every summer to help them have their best possible experience at camp! I completed a three month long wilderness program at True North in Vermont and a month long backpacking trip at the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming. I learned a lot of wilderness survival and leadership skills. I have my Wilderness First Responder certification and my First Aid and CPR certifications.  I remember when I first came to Woolman it took me awhile to come out of my shell but now there is nowhere I would rather spend my summer! It is a beautiful, unique wilderness wonderland that can be home to anyone!