Health and Safety at Woolman


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We are aware of the growing concerns people have when it comes to the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), and we want to offer resources for you to help you plan ahead, and let you know how Woolman is addressing the issue.  Note that we are not taking any guest reservations until after April 12th. 

We are working to keep all public areas at Woolman clean and sanitized.  We are sanitizing doorknobs and surfaces with rubbing alcohol.   Hand sanitizer is available in all public locations. 


We want to emphasize that if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms and/or have a fever, PLEASE STAY HOME.  This is the most effective way to help create a safe space for individuals who face an increased risk of developing the virus, including those with respiratory illnesses and compromised immune systems.


  • Greet one another using means that do not involve handshakes or hugging.
  • Avoid sharing food from the same plate and utensils, as well as beverages from the same container.
  • In addition to handwashing, use hand sanitizer. Bring your own travel-size container.  
  • Sneeze and cough into a tissue and dispose of it in a trashcan immediately. DO NOT REUSE IT!
  • Refrain from using handkerchiefs (unless you are planning to wash it immediately after use).
  • Keep calm.  Stress can weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable to viruses. Do your best to practice prevention in the present moment, and be flexible if an in-person event evolves into a virtual gathering.


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