Teen Leadership Camp Assistant Director

Job Type: 
Summer Camp
Starting Date: 
June 9, 2019

Application Deadline: We are now hiring on a rolling basis. The sooner you are able to apply the better.

Woolman Teen Leadership Camp (TLC) is an exciting program for teens 15-17 years old who backpack, play, cook, garden, and  move-up into leadership roles working with each other and working with Wombat Camp (campers aged 9-14). The TLC Assistant Director will work with the TLC Director to coordinate and oversee 6 weeks of programming. This will involve planning and leading in-camp activities, planning and leading backpacking trips up to 10-days long, facilitating workshops for campers, and training and supporting the 2-3 TLC counselors. This role will be supported by and work with the TLC Camp Director and Wombat Camp Director.


The job officially begins June 9, 2019 and runs through August 10, 2019. This time frame includes pre-camp planning, staff training, camp set-up, 6 weeks of programming, post-camp debriefing, and clean-up. On-site room and board is offered for the entirety of that period. As this is an especially important leadership position, you will be asked to stay in frequent contact with the Teen Leadership Camp Director during the 6-8 weeks preceding the start date in order to make sure you are fully prepared for the position.


About Us

Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills near the scenic Yuba River and Tahoe National Forest, Camp Woolman embodies values of community, respect for nature, peace, and simple fun. Kids come to learn, play, make friends, and live in an accepting community where they can truly be themselves. In-camp activities include cooperative games, sports, arts and crafts, nature, swimming, gardening, singing, campfires, and whatever else our staff can come up with. We run two camps – Wombat Camp (ages 9-14) and Teen Leadership Camp (ages 15-17). Each week of Wombat Camp includes a 3-day overnight backpacking trip at nearby rivers, mountains and lakes. Teen Leadership Camp is divided into 3 sessions that range from beginner to advanced backpacking, and includes backpacking trips anywhere from 3 to 10 days long. When both camps are on site they share meals and will participate in many activities together, often partially-led and facilitated by Teen Leadership campers.

Job Description

TLC Assistant Director will work with the TLC Director to oversee and coordinate all on-camp activities as well as backpacking trips for campers aged 15-17. The 6 weeks of camp programming will be divided into 3 sessions – Beginner Backpacking, Intermediate Backpacking, and Advanced Backpacking. When not on trail, teen campers participate in activities such as day hikes to rivers, working in the camp garden, cooking meals, participating in activities with Wombat campers (aged 9-14), and perhaps most importantly, leading activities for Wombat Campers with the advisement of TLC staff. Much of the planning and scheduling of the sessions will be done by the TLC Director in the spring. The TLC Director will share the logistics with the Assistant Director in the weeks leading up to camp, asking for input and perspective. The Director and Assistant Director will have June 9 – June 13 on site together to finalize logistics before the TLC counselors arrive for training on June 14. All TLC staff will participate in certain aspects of Wombat Camp staff training from June 14-June 22, as well as have small trainings and meetings of their own – facilitated by the TLC Director and Assistant Director.

TLC Director and TLC Assistant director will aid TLC counselors in proper wilderness leadership techniques and alternate going on trail with the counselors and campers. The Director that is not on trail will remain at basecamp to coordinate re-supplies and be available for emergency evacuations. TLC Assistant Director will be a manger and mentor to the TLC counselors. This role involves frequent supervision of the TLC campers, especially when TLC counselors are on break. This person will have living quarters separate from the campers, but will frequently oversee the TLC campers in the TLC house on campus (Fern House – usually supervised by TLC counselors) at night and occasionally over-night when TLC counselors have days or nights off.


Desired Qualifications

  • Applicants must be at least 21. Younger applicants may consider a Wombat Camp counselor or lead counselor position

  • Experience leading multi-day backpacking trips, preferably at least 8 days long

  • Prior work with teen programming, preferably in a backcountry setting

  • Organizational abilities to create food orders, day-to-day schedules, and plan multi-day backpacking trips

  • Strong risk management skills

  • Strong  interpersonal skills and experience mentoring or managing others.

  • Current Wilderness First Responder certification, or willingness to obtain one before the start of camp

  • Current Class-B Driver's License for a 15-passenger van, or willingness to obtain one before the start of camp

  • Lifeguard Certificate strongly desired, but not required

  • A passion for social justice and ability to run a program that is safe and welcoming to participants of any background



  • Work with TLC Director in the weeks before camp to finalize logistics and scheduling of programming

  • Aid TLC Director in the training of TLC counselors

  • Help TLC Director plan activities and manage the day-to-day schedule of teens while at camp.

  • Oversee backpacking trips anywhere from 3 to 10 days long for teens, sharing leadership responsibilities with the TLC counselors

  • Alternate with TLC Director going on trail and assisting TLC counselors, and staying on site to be available for re-supply and emergency evacuations

  • Train, support and give feedback to the TLC counselors.

  • Work with Wilderness and Operations Manager and TLC Director to ensure proper use and distribution of backpacking food and gear

  • Work with Wilderness and Operations Manager and TLC Director to uphold wilderness safety protocols

  • Participate and help facilitate Staff Meetings with other staff from both camps.

  • Collaborate with Woolman Camp administrators so both camp engines run well.

  • Act as emergency contact support while camp is in session.

  • Participate in the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of all our beautiful young people.


Who Are We Seeking?

You must be a thorough planner, able to anticipate potential problems and prepare for them. You need also be a creative problems solver, ready to aid in the inevitable surprises that will come up! A willingness to work with the established framework of this program and also bring some creative ideas for how to help it grow is a given. You must be familiar with age-appropriate expectations for teenagers and also be excited to work with them and get to know each one as an individual. Finally, you must possess a willingness to work hard, play hard, steal quiet moments for yourself within long days and gain satisfaction through behind-the-scenes efforts that result in positive experiences for others. 

This program is for people who love to work and love to play, who want to learn as well as to teach, who are self-motivated, community-minded, reliable, and who take their responsibilities seriously. A positive attitude and healthy work-ethic are a must; if you sing while washing dishes, laugh when splattered with mud in the garden, or tell jokes while hiking in the rain, this might be the perfect place for you. A background in Quakerism is not necessary, but an interest in Quaker values or a willingness to learn about it is desirable. At Camp Woolman, we strive to create a community where diversity of life experiences, learning styles, and social identities (including but not limited to religion, class, race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability) are honored and celebrated.  In applying, please describe the way your school, work, volunteer, or life experience has prepared you to work with diverse communities of people, including any aspects of your own background or identity that you believe would enrich the Camp Woolman.



The pay for TLC Assistant Director is $2160 for work June 9th - Aug. 10th. Room and Board is covered in this time span as an additional compensation and is independent of your monetary wage.

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We are now hiring on a rolling basis. The sooner you are able to apply the better!

Sonja Feinberg, Wombat Camp Director