Operations Manager

Job Type: 
Administrative Staff
Starting Date: 
January 1, 2019

The Operations Manager is responsible for guiding office administrative duties as well as booking and managing events and rentals.  


Operations Manager


  • Office Management

    • With Bookkeeper, maintain office operations and procedures.

    • Create systems

    • Order and obtain supplies in coordination with appropriate staff.

    • Generate transcripts for Woolman Semester and JWS alumni.

    • Organize and maintain all office files

    • Complete and file all state and county paperwork for the Sierra Friends Center site (Assessor’s forms, Environmental Health forms, public water system forms, etc.)

    • Meet with county officials as needed

    • Maintain the SFC Calendar of events and usage

  • Campus Technology

    • Manage information technology across campus.

    • Represent the organization's needs to outside technology vendors and contractors.

    • Ensure knowledgeability of the CiviCRM database

    • Maintain woolman.org email accounts for all current staff, interns, and students.

    • Maintain all internal email listservs.

    • Support the Marketing Manager with the creation of media materials.

  • Facility Rentals

    • Ensure that our site and facilities are well maintained and welcoming through partnerships with other staff and volunteers

    • Develop a marketing plan for Facility Rentals with staff and consultants

    • Schedule rentals in consideration of other campus events and activities.

    • Negotiate group rental agreements.

    • Communicate with relevant staff regarding upcoming rental needs

    • Communicate with group organizers/leaders prior to arrival.

    • Provide a warm welcome and orient outside groups to campus.

    • Serve as the staff on-call for groups present on campus.

    • Take an active role in the logistics planning and registration process for Sierra Friends Center sponsored events.

    • Oversee volunteers for Sierra Friends Center sponsored events in coordination with outreach staff.

  • Development

    • Serve as the administrative staff member of the Development Committee.

    • Prepare lists for, format, and send fundraising email and print appeals.

    • Work with Bookkeeper to ensure that all donations are logged correctly.

    • Generate donation thank you letters and emails in a timely fashion.

    • Prepare fundraising statistics for the Development Committee as needed.

    • Work on longer-term development projects as assigned by the E.D. in consultation with the Development Committee.

  • Other

    • Work with E.D. to foster a positive environment for staff to function.

    • Oversee organizational safety program in coordination with Maintenance Staff and E.D.

    • Attend Staff Meetings and Community Meetings.

    • Assist E.D. as necessary with other duties as assigned.



  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Hospitality and service skills

  • Knowledge of technological platforms, e.g., CRM, publishing tools, Excel, Word.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Fundraising ability

  • Excellent team building ability


Desired traits:

  • Maintains a spiritual practice

  • Conflict resolution skills