Working at Woolman is a major lifestyle choice. To commit to community living, to have one's life and work intertwined, to live in a rural setting, and to take a modest salary, all require a high-level of dedication. Above all other qualifications, we are looking for people who will thrive here.

Outdoor School
Job Title Starting Date Description
Woolman Outdoor School (WOS) Instructors August 24, 2019 Application Deadline: Ahead of Listed Staff Trainings on 8/24 and 9/21. Summary: Woolman Outdoor School Instructors will facilitate activities for WOS participants (high school students, teachers, and adult chaperones), which include but are not limited to environmental science lessons, wilderness skills activities, and community building workshops.  They will manage and lead groups of WOS participants as big as 55 students and 4 or more chaperones and teachers. WOS Instructors will be immersed in the Woolman community, including hosting meals and leading groups of participants in Community Chores. They will also be available to help participants with situations or conflicts that arise during activities, assist in the cleaning of campus after WOS participants depart, and they will engage deeply with the community building we foster at Woolman.