Wombat Camp

Where else can you join a band of superheroes, perform a song about purple lasagna (and get a standing ovation), tye-dye your socks, make new friends, learn about bugs, and jump in a beautiful river… all in the same day?

Days at camp are full of fun, laughter, friends, food, and choices. We do lots of things together – eating meals, playing whole-camp games, singing during opening & closing circle, going to Mel’s Pond. There’s also times when you get to decide what you want to do – which activity you want to sign up for, which game you want to play, or what you want to do during free time. Counselors are always hosting activities, making sure everyone has a good and safe time. But watch out! Your counselors might turn into pirates and hijak yer cabin mates and then you’d have to go rescue them!

Other special events we do at camp include Variety Show Night, Jugs (Capture the Flag with some Woolman twists), Barbeques at Mel’s Pond, and Tie-Dyeing. It doesn’t matter who you are at school or where you are from, at camp the only person you have to impress is yourself!

A Typical Day

The great thing about days in camp is that they’re all different! But okay, here’s what your schedule might look like one day at overnight camp:
We LOVED our time at Arbor House. It was quiet, clean, and felt cozy and welcoming. We particularly enjoyed the outdoor seating area. The Woolman staff were helpful and responsive while also letting us do our thing! The students I brought with me said it was one of the nicest retreat spaces they'd ever been to and hope to come again sometime. We utilized some of the outdoor space at Woolman, especially the trails and the soccer field for some stargazing one night. We recommend Woolman and Arbor House to any group! And thanks again for helping make our time at Woolman such a success!
Highly recommended! My kids have attended Camp Woolman for years, and it has been a life-changing experience. Every summer they rave about dear friends, cool counselors, delicious food, fun games, beautiful vistas and inspiring hikes! My children returned from summer camp with great stories and lots of smiles, and they are brimming with strength and confidence from their time on the hiking trails! It's a rustic, hidden gem.
Happy Parent
She really enjoyed the backpacking trips as well as the in-camp activities. Clearly, the staff were dedicated to making sure the campers had enjoyable and learning experiences, and campers were treated very well
Happy Parent

Wilderness Trips!

We also go on backpacking trips! During Wombat Camp Session 2, we go to a campsite & enjoy some day trips with our daypacks on. For sessions 3 & 4 we will load up and hit the trail for some excellent backpacking. These fun day trips & 3-day/2-night adventures are led by our experienced staff, and campers often say it was the highlight of their time at camp.

Your counselors will lead you in hiking, swimming, camping, making art, learning about nature, and becoming great friends. These trips are great for people who are new to backpacking as well as seasoned hikers. Campers go to destinations such as the famous Pacific Crest Trail, The South Yuba River, Grouse Ridge, Desolation Wilderness, and the amazing Sierra Buttes. Campers experience sleeping under the stars, hiking through beautiful places, backcountry cooking, and learning about the ecosystems and history of our surrounding wilderness.

It is our belief that these trips offer an opportunity for growth and development unique to those available elsewhere in life. The beginning of a pathway of stewardship and service to the natural environment is a two-fold process. In the first step one embraces a presence in nature. The sky, the field, the sun, the stars, the river, the trail… One is surrounded by all, and soaks it in as a member of it and a participant in its cycles. In the second step, one looks within and sees with eyes unclouded by lens or filter, screen or pane, influence or conditioning. There is time to think, to reflect, to ponder, to breathe. It is here that one may develop a sense of awe within nature, and become connected to it. All experiences are different, but the opportunity to explore them is there for everyone, and each group works to process and discuss the thoughts and insights that come up. The growth that may come of them is often nothing short of profound.

Campers come to make new friends, visit beautiful places, learn about nature, be their true selves, and have a blast! Kids come back year after year but each summer we have lots of new faces as well.

Woolman seeks to both inspire and to prepare individuals to work for peace, justice, and environmental sustainability, and to deepen their personal and spiritual growth.

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