Counselor in Training (CIT) Program

Starting Date: June 14th, 2019

Looking for some next steps in preparing to be a camp leader? The Counselor in Training program gives 17 year olds a chance to come to camp and experience a leadership role! Although this role is unpaid, it is an exceptional opportunity to gain the important skills our camp counselors  (aged 18 and over) require. This program is an abounding leap out of the world of being a camper, and a firm, but moderate step into the role of guidance, counseling and community collaboration. Counselors in Training, (CITs) will be integrated into camp, working with an older counselor to gain important outdoor skills, valuable communication skills, and experience working with children 9-14 years old. The program will prepare the CIT for a role as counselor at Woolman, but also provides an incredible experience that will look great on college applications and resumes.


The CIT program is a four week commitment. All CITs will begin camp with the rest of staff for training during the week of June 14 to June 22. Then, based on preference and ease of travel, you will either join camp for the first two sessions or the last two sessions, for a total of four weeks (either June 23 - July 13 or July 14 - August 3).

What you'll be doing:

CITs will receive training in wilderness skills including navigation, trail cooking, and first aid. In addition to wilderness skills, CITs will be trained in “soft” skills, which prepare the CIT to work with campers. CITs will be introduced to community life as a cooperative member in our camp family that builds magic and wonder in the lives of campers every day.

The program includes one week of staff training and three weeks of camp, with a three day, two night backpacking trip each week, one for training and the other three with campers. You will be a part of two seperate camp sessions, allowing you the time to grow your skills with youth and hone your wilderness skills. CITs will be paired with a mentor counselor, and will shadow and support the needs of that counselor’s group throughout the sessions. On campus, CITs will also help lead a chore crew and learn to run activities. CITs will assist with planning, preparing and implementing programs, wilderness trips, games and activities. You will attend some meetings with the staff, share thoughts, insights and observations, and participate in the consensus process. You will meet weekly goals for building both on and off trail skills, and have weekly check-ins with your mentor counselor and CIT coordinator. Your days will be long, active, thoughtful, playful, exploratory, creative and with our sincerest hopes, richly satisfying to your soul.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Seventeen years old. Older applicants can consider a counselor position.

  • Graduates of our camp, or have other camp experiences. ( A plus, but not a requirement)

  • Passionately interested in working with younger children.

  • Mature and responsible. A guiding presence among peers.

  • Ready to transition between enjoying the camp experience as a participant and facilitating it as a leadership force.

  • Ready to live and work in an intentional community

  • No backpacking experience necessary, but willingness to spend extended periods of time in the outdoors is essential

  • Excited about summer camp, and ready to put a personal touch on the program

Applying to be a CIT

Click here for CIT ApplicationDeadline is April15th, 2019.

Questions?  Email Wombat Camp Director, Sonja Feinberg at