Sustaining Community Member Pledge

As we proceed with campus recovery and rebuilding during a constrained financial period we ask that you consider becoming a member of the Woolman Sustaining Community. Please join other transformational donors who support Woolman with a pledge of a regular gift: monthly or annually.  This type of giving provides the financial resilience that Woolman needs at a time of continuing disruption and uncertainty.

We ask the Sustaining Community to make a pledge of regular support over the next three years, so we can build for a post-pandemic full program relaunch.


To fill out this form, please identify how many years you would like to contribute as "installments." For example:

If you want to contribute $1,200 annually for 3 years, you would click $1,200 then check that you would like to pledge that amount annually for 3 installments for a total gift of $3,600.00. 

Total Amount

   for  installments.
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