2019 Camp Dates and Rates


Summer Camp DROP OFF TIME is 2pm on SUNDAYS

Summer Camp PICK UP TIME is at 11am on SATURDAYS

2019 Dates & Rates

Wombat Camp - Ages 9-14: Campers may stay for as many weeks as they desire by combining multiple sessions. The cost is $810 for a single week of camp and $1495 for two weeks (see additional discounts below). If campers do wish to choose multiple weeks, we recommend Session 1 or 4, as they are our two-week sessions. Campers coming for multiple weeks later in the summer will have the option to spend the middle weekend with their family or stay at camp during the session changeover.  Changeover days at camp cost an additional $125 and must be noted at registration.  

2019 Dates!

Wombat Camp:  ages 9-14

Session 1,  June 23-July 6

Session 2: July 7 - July 13

Session 3:  July 14 -  July 20

Session 4:  July 21-August 3

Teen Leadership Camp:  ages 15-16: Teen Leadership Camp tuition is $1550 for two-week sessions. Teens may participate in multiple sessions. If your teen will be staying at Woolman the Saturday night in between two sessions, please sign up for Changeover upon registration. Changeover is $125 per camper.

Session 1,  June 23-July 6

Session 2:  July 7- July 20

Session 3:  July 21 - August 3

Teen Leadership Camp (TLC) Session Descriptions. For more information check out our Teen Leadership Camp page.

Session 1 (two weeks): June 23-July 6:  INTERMEDIATE BACKPACKING SESSION.  Teens participating in this program are strongly recommended to have prior athletic or hiking experience and should expect to be somewhat challenged by the physically-intensive nature of the program. [Average on trail of 5-8 miles a day on mountainous terrain]

Session 2: (two weeks): July 7 - July 20:  ADVANCED BACKPACKING.  This Session requires a high level of prior athletic or hiking experience. By nature of the intensive hiking, this program is not for everyone. [Average on trail of 7-13 miles a day on mountainous terrain].  Applicants must be accepted into the program .  Please contact 

Session 3: (two weeks): July 21-August 3:  BEGINNER BACKPACKING.  This Session is for teens with little to no backpacking experience, but who are still excited to take on some wilderness adventure! [Average on trail of 3-5 miles a day on mountainous terrain]. We do our best to make these trips accessible to participants of all physical abilities. If you have questions or concerns about your teen's wilderness experience or physical abilities or limitations, please contact as at



Fees include the full camp program, lodging and food. A non-refundable deposit of $200 per week is required to reserve your registration (the deposit counts toward your tuition, it's not a separate fee). All fee balances must be paid by Memorial Day (May 27, 2019).

Refund Policy

As we are a small camp and a small community, we rely carefully on the budget that our tuition provides us. While deposits are always non-refundable, tuition fees paid are refundable in the event that we are able to fill your camper's spot. We will do our best in all cases to find new campers, but regrettably cannot guarantee that we will in all cases. Additionally, we will not offer a refund of any amount if your camper drops a spot within 7 calendar days of a session. 

Pick-Up and Drop Off Times

Please arrive between 2 and 4 pm on the first day of camp. If you arrive earlier than 2pm, there are many things to see and do in Grass Valley and Nevada City, but camp will not be open for registration until 2:00. If you are delayed, please call us to let us know if you may arrive later than 4:00.

Please plan to pick up your child by 11am (you can come as early as 9am to join us for the morning) on the last day of camp.

Shuttle Service

A Bay-Area shuttle is provided at the beginning and end of every session, for the convenience of families traveling long distances.

Discounts Available

  • Register by Valentines Day to show your camp love and get a $50 discount per child.
  • Returning Campers: bring a friend who hasn't been to camp before, and get $50 off both of your tuitions! Just let us know by emailing

    after both of you have paid the deposit.

  • Families registering more than one camper get $50 off per child.

Work Trades

Work trades are a fun way to make camp more affordable. In exchange for a week of helping with the work of camp, you will receive room and board and $350 toward one child's tuition at camp. The work is approximately 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Work trades are most essential in the kitchen, helping cook meals, but could potentially be or include maintenance or leading activities in an area of your expertise. While not working, enjoy reading, playing music, and walking to the river (a 3 mile hike from our campus). Please contact us at

if you are interested in doing a work-trade this summer. It is possible to bring children too young to attend camp with you, if you are doing a work-trade!


We do everything we can to make camp possible for all, regardless of financial limitations. If your child wants to attend camp and you are unable to afford the full price of tuition, please contact us and we will work with you to make sure they can come. Please email

and we will be happy to work with you! The deadline for financial aid requests is May 1. Requests made after this deadline will still be considered if funds are available.