Camp Woolman Trips

Come along and have the time of your life!

Camp Woolman stands out from other camps because every single one of our campers get to go on overnight trips! These fun, three day two night adventures are lead by our experienced staff, and campers often say it was the highlight of their time at camp.

For the first week of camp you'll go out on a trip with your cabin-mates and others from your age-group. You'll have fun together hiking, swimming, camping, making art, learning about nature, and becoming great friends. These trips are great for people who are new to backpacking as well as seasoned hikers, and go to such destinations as the famous Pacific Crest Trail, The South Yuba River, Grouse Ridge, Desolation Wilderness, and the amazing Sierra Buttes. Campers experience sleeping under the stars, hiking through beautiful places, backcountry cooking, and learn about the ecosystems of our surrounding wilderness.

If you're here for two weeks, there is an opportunity for a second trip! The options for the trip are held in secrecy by the staff until right before the trip and the unveiling is something the campers look forward to each summer. In the past these trips have included movie making, river art, Sasquatch trip, ultimate hike, quest, and always adventure.

It is our belief that these trips offer an opportunity for growth and development unique to those available elsewhere in life. The beginning of a pathway of stewardship and service to the natural environment is a two-fold process. In the first step one embraces a pressence in nature. The sky, the field, the sun, the stars, the river, the trail... One is surrounded by all, and soaks it in as a member of it and a participant in its cycles. In the second step, one looks within and sees with eyes unclouded by lens or filter, screen or pane, influence or conditioning. There is time to think, to reflect, to ponder, to breathe. It is here that one may develop a sense of awe within nature, and become connected to it. All experiences are different, but the opportunity to explore them is there for everyone, and each group works gently to process and discuss the thoughts and insights that come up. The growth that may come of them is often nothing short of profound.

Some potential growth outcomes and skills campers may learn while on the trail:

  • Radical self reliance --- Campers carry their own supply weight as well as a portion of the group's. In doing so, they become stewards of themselves and each other and learn the responsibility of personal oversight. 
  • Camping, packing and survival skills --- Our experienced staff will teach about making and breaking camp, knot tying, shelter building, outdoor cooking, naturalism, plant and animal identification, outdoor living skills and more.
  • Leave No Trace practices --- What we pack in, we pack out, leaving nothing but footprints and taking nothing but pictures. The value and importance of this agreement with the places we visit is paramount, and we strive to embody it in our presence and teach it to our campers.
  • Meditative reflection and presence --- Campers will have an opportunity (optional) to experience a "solo" while on the trail, which is a planned period of time alone with nature. Campers often use this time to write letters, journal, make carvings or natural crafts, or simply sit and reflect. Campers regularly return from these adventures with insights to share and discuss.
  • Unplugging! A vacation from technology --- For a moment, campers have the chance to be truly absent from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Even at main camp there are still buildings and cars and even machines. On the trail there is only the ground, the sky and the self---what a concept!

We are excited to offer the opportunity for a experiences like this to you...


She really had a ball at camp and came away feeling positive about the whole experience. She really liked the camping trip and felt strong afterwards. 
- Parent of a Woolman Camper, 2011