Camp Q&A

What is Camp Woolman like?

Camp Woolman is a truly magical place! Each summer we have a mixture of campers who have never gone away to camp before and campers who have been coming to camp for years. Camp Woolman is a place where you can be your true self while playing games, making art, swimming, playing sports, reading, hiking, making movies, and more!

Where is camp?

Camp Woolman (Wombat Camp and Teen Leadership Camp) is located at Sierra Friends Center near Nevada City, California. The campus includes 230 wooded acres nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. The facilities include cabins, a dining hall, meetinghouse, playing fields, arts and crafts building, a creek, a swimming pond and walking trails. Nearby attractions you’ll visit include the Tahoe National Forest and the Yuba River. We do have a shuttle service that runs in between Berkeley and Camp.

Do I have to be a Quaker to come to camp?

No way! The great thing about camp is that everybody is different and everybody is welcome. Some kids are Quaker, and lots of people come from all kinds of other backgrounds.

What does it mean to be a Quaker camp?

We don’t teach religion at camp, we just live by our values, and encourage you to live by yours (whatever they might be!). Some things Quakers value are equality, integrity, community, peace, and environmental stewardship. What makes us a Quaker camp is the way we respect nature, solve our problems peacefully, and listen to everybody.  We also have a morning meeting every morning that incorporates silence, songs, skits and games.

Why do we wash our own dishes at camp?

Because we’re the ones that got them dirty, silly! Cleaning up at camp is the most fun you’ll ever have washing dishes: we sing, splash, tell jokes, wear bubbles on our heads, and everybody works together as a team. Oh, and the dishes get clean too.

Who are the counselors?

Our counselors are fun, energetic, responsible, and most of all LOVE camp!  Our staff is made up of incredibly talented people who have skills, experience, and training in outdoor leadership, first-aid, lifeguarding, group building, and conflict resolution, as well as many talents to share: art, music, nature skills, drama, athletics, and more. Every person on staff is committed to giving campers the most positive, safe, fun, and growthful experience they can have this summer.

What’s the food like?

We’ve got the best camp food in the world (no joke)! Everything is homemade, fresh, vegetarian, full of flavor, and with lots of choices. At every meal you’ll find something familiar that you love, and something new and tasty to try. Favorite meals include: quesadillas, pizza, burritos, rice dishes, lasagna, soups, and homemade breads.

Where do I swim?

We’ve got a newly restored swimming pond on campus with a beach, wading area, and diving raft. And each session we take at least one trip to the gorgeous Yuba River! The Yuba is only a few minutes away from camp and we spend the whole day swimming, splashing, and jumping off rocks. Don’t like swimming? There are beautiful sunny rocks to lounge on and nice beaches to sit and hang out with friends. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Where will I live?

Each camper lives in a beautiful, rustic cabin that comfortably sleeps up to 5 campers and 1 counselor. The cabins have electricity, real doors and windows, and stay pretty cool throughout the summer.

Do I have many choices?

Camp Woolman is all about choices!  Each day there are certain periods where you get to choose what activity to take part in.  We understand that some days you want to make a collage and other days you would rather play kickball so we make sure there are always options!

Can I bring a cell phone or electronics?

We ask that you don’t bring phones, ipods, or any other electronics with you to camp (cameras are OK if they are not also phones or music players). You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even miss them! Don’t worry, we’ve got phones here so your folks can reach you if they really need to.

Can I get mail or care packages?

Yes! And getting mail is one of the best parts of camp! The address is:

Your Name
Camp Woolman
13075 Woolman Ln.
Nevada City, CA 95959

What are the trips like?

Fun! Wild! Beautiful! At Camp Woolman, everybody gets to go on one of these adventures each week.

What if I get homesick?

Most of the time people are having too much fun at camp to get homesick, but every once in a while someone just feels sad about missing their family. We know how to help. Your counselors and friends will give you lots of support, and we’ll be in touch with your parents to make sure you get everything you need.

What if I have allergies?

We are able to accommodate lots of needs, but please let us know before you come!