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Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills near the wild and scenic Yuba River and Tahoe National Forest, Camp Woolman is a place where every day is an adventure!

Campers come here to backpack, make new friends, visit beautiful places, learn about nature, be their true selves, and have a blast! Kids come back year after year but each summer we have lots of new faces as well. Our counselors are fun, friendly, and here to make sure you have a fantastic time. Here you will spend your days playing games, singing, making art, being silly, learning about peace, nature, the garden, and so much more! In addition, campers enjoy delicious and healthy vegetarian food from our wonderful kitchen!

You also get to go on trips! Trips are a highlight for many campers and are a chance to experience the outdoors in a safe, fun, and exciting way!

Other special events at camp include Talent Show Night, Jugs (the #1 Camp Woolman game of all time!), Barbeques at Mel's Pond, and Tie-dying! It doesn't matter who you are at school or where you are from, at camp the only person you have to impress is yourself!

Here at Camp Woolman, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. We are an organization founded on the Quaker values of peace, simplicity, unity, community, integrity, equality, social justice, a culture of diversity, respect, non-violent, learning to listen to the "still. small voice" within, and environmental sustainability. We accept and celebrate people of all religious or spiritual beliefs, and ask that all participants adhere to these values. We welcome any and all people to talk with us about their needs or concerns. Historically, we have welcomed many LGBTQ people into our younger camp, teen camp, and among our CITs and staff.

A note on Gender!

This summer we are excited to announce the implementation of All Gender Inclusive cabins! Upon registration you will have the opportunity to sign-up your Wombat Campers to live in a cabin that best meets their needs. We offer Female and Male cabins, as well as All Gender cabins - which house any campers regardless of gender or biological sex.  Our All Gender cabins are designed to create safe spaces for campers who do not identify as male or female as well as being available to anyone who is comfortable and excited to be living in mixed gendered spaces! In Teen Leadership Camp teens of all genders will share the Fern House as their living space on site (supervised at all times by the TLC counselors, who reside there as well).

All Bathhouses and Bathrooms on campus are equipped with dials instead of signs,  which allow the users to chose who they feel comfortable sharing the facilities with while they are using them. 

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She really enjoyed the backpacking trips as well as the in-camp activities. Clearly, the staff were dedicated to making sure the campers had enjoyable and learning experiences, and campers were treated very well.
- Parent of a Camper

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