Why camp?

Amy Cooke, Director
Wednesday, June 6, 2018

For many parents, it can be a tough decision to send your child to camp.  Being away from your child can seem daunting to parents and kids.  Yet we hear, time and time again, why kids come to camp and how much value comes back to their families.

Being away from home can be a powerful experience for a child.  It is a time to learn about yourself, and to explore new skills and abilities.  In this age of connectivity, where there's always a phone, computer, or tablet in sight, it's a break from a screen-mediated world.  Camp is a time to re-create the carefree days of childhood that some of us still remember - days spent exploring, playing, being with other kids. And, it is a chance for kids to experience nature — not at a museum or a park surrounded by buildings, but nature in its natural state, on a trail, directly being in places largely untouched by people.  




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