Job Opening: Retreats Manager


Full Time / Year Around / Exempt Position


Based in the California Sierra Nevada foothills, Woolman offers diverse educational and enrichment programs at the Sierra Friends Center campus, a hub for Quaker values, among which are: peace, simplicity, community, integrity, and equality.  Our Retreat Center is a special place where guests can study, practice, reflect and renew as they are immersed in nature on our 240-acre campus, with simple accommodations, meeting spaces, and a working farm that provides fresh organic food. The Retreats Manager is responsible for all aspects of retreats, events and workshops to ensure guests have a positive Woolman Experience.


Support the mission of Woolman by managing all aspects of the retreats, events and workshop programming with primarily like-minded groups and individuals, and ensuring guests have a positive Woolman Experience including exposure to Quaker values.  Ensure retreats,events and workshops generate the appropriate income to cover expenses and contribute to the overhead of the organization.  Reports to the Executive Director and manages a staff of at least two (may be contractors rather than employed staff).


  • Launch and grow a new Retreats program at the Sierra Friends Center campus.  This will include at first, the AirBnB and HipCamp business, which overtime will convert to Woolman-booked stays as part of Retreats.
  • Develop a Retreats business plan.  Propose and track annual budgets, ensuring goals are met.  Propose competitive rates for Retreats and add-on Woolman Experience amenities.
  • Develop and implement promotional strategies. For example: prepare mailings, make follow up contacts with potential retreat groups, maintain ongoing contact with current groups. Maintain a current list of potential and current groups.
  • Maintain site use calendar and ensure conflicts are managed appropriately.  For example, if a youth group is using the campus at the same time as a retreat, work with the Programs Director to ensure legal safeguards are in place for youth.
  • Coordinate details of Retreats with scheduled groups. For example: complete contracts, invoicing and collection of fees, establish group numbers, costs, programming needs, housekeeping, dining, dietary needs, set ups, etc.
  • Oversee the furnishing and equipping of all guest lodging and meeting spaces: indoors and outdoors and guests can safely move about the campus (in collaboration with the Caretaker/Maintenance Supervisor), including: dining and lodging areas, shower facility, trail grooming, gathering circles, swimming pond, and mowing.
  • Set-up and manage regular Woolman Experience amenities for guests, such as yoga classes, meditation sessions, guided hikes, attendance at Grass Valley Friends Meetings.
  • Support Woolman events and workshops as required. This may include recruiting instructors, creating agendas, marketing workshops, registering participants, etc. in collaboration with the Programs Director.  
  • Arrange to ensure guests are greeted and welcomed, provide orientation to guests on Woolman, and provide guests with the proper information they need for an enjoyable stay (e.g prepare info packets, maps, etc.).  This may include being onsite when guests arrive if other staffers cannot do so, and could occur during off-business hours or weekends.
  • Be on-call for guest concerns, other than site-related issues that the Caretaker will handle.
  • Manage housekeeping staff including cleaning, laundering, bed making, and other responsibilities to ensure guests are properly lodged.  Order and maintain housekeeping supplies.
  • Manage kitchen contractors and/or staff for guest dining including the procurement of food. Coordinate with the Woolman Farm to supply kitchen with season produce for guests and to support a “Woolman farm-to-fork” menu.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of camp-style retreat industry standards as well as ACA standards, and ensure that appropriate standards are being upheld by Woolman.  
  • Ensure positive competitiveness with area and regional camp and retreat centers.
  • Manage a variety of residential leases with 6 homes and a handful of farm-related entities.
  • Participate in weekly team meetings as well as individual support meetings with the executive director.

This list of responsibilities is not exhaustive and is subject to change at any time.


  • 3-5 years direct experience in a supervisory or managerial capacity in the hospitality industry with some experience in camp-style retreats.  
  • Willingly supports Woolman’s mission and values and the goals of the Retreats programming.
  • Desire to promote Quaker values of peace, justice, integrity, non-bias, simplicity, and sustainability.
  • Must be hospitality-minded, and care about positive guest services balanced with organizational capacity to deliver.
  • Excellent organizational skills in a multi-tasking environment.  Willing to perform a wide variety of tasks. Detail oriented and experience working efficiently and effectively in a dynamic environment.
  • Effective interpersonal and public communication skills necessary for a hospitality business.
  • Marketing and promotion as part of previous jobs.
  • Direct supervisory skills for staff.  This includes hiring, managing and growing staff.
  • Experience with preparing and tracking program budgets and keeping a program operating with revenue exceeding expenses.
  • Ability to seek and hire contractors for a variety of projects.
  • A good creative sense for both problem-solving and to weave interface with the public in an enjoyable manner.

COMPENSATION:  Competitive depending on experience in the mid-$40k-$50ks.  Onsite housing may be available to rent.

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