Guest Accommodations

This page gives information for individuals and families wishing to visit campus. For group rates, events, workshops and other gatherings, see: Group Facilities.


Woolman is a wonderful place to visit. We welcome people coming for personal retreats, family outings, and for alumni to relive memories of their days at Woolman. Please contact us in advance to arrange your stay. We are happy for you to join us for meals if you visit during a time when school is in session and food is being served.



Per Adult

Per Child (16 and under)

Stone House



Cabin (east or west side)















Information and Policies

Woolman is a self-service site

For visitors new to our site you can expect an experience similar to staying at a youth hostel.  There are both private and communal rooms available. Guests share bathrooms.  Bedding and towels are provided.  Please bring your own biodegradable and fragrance free toiletries. .  

What to bring

Items that visitors might like to bring include good hiking shoes, insect repellent, rain wear in the rainy months, swim wear and a beach towel in the hot months if you plan a trip to the river or Mel’s pond, and a flashlight (there are no lights around campus at night). 

Quiet Time

In order to maintain a tranquil and restful atmosphere for all persons using our facility we have quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.  During these times, we request that noise be limited to quiet levels indoors.  

Speed Limit

We value the simplicity and tranquility of this place and want to ensure safety and clean dust-free air for the residents, visitors and neighbors of Sierra Friends Center.  We expect strict observance of the 10 mph speed limit on Woolman Lane and on the school property.


Please contact Carl Sigmond at for more information.