Group Facilities

This pages gives information for groups wishing to hold events at Woolman. For individuals and families, see guest accommodations.

About Woolman Campus

The Woolman School is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, about a 15-minute drive or a 40-minute bicycle ride from the historic Gold-Country towns of Grass Valley and Nevada City, California. Our campus offers 230 acres of meadows, woods, streams and ponds for our guests to enjoy.

Our facilities are available for overnight use for gatherings, retreats, and workshops. If your group would like to use the Woolman Campus, please contact us.


Planning your stay

When considering your group’s needs, please look at the capacity of each space carefully. If, for example, you have a group of 25 and would like to use the Stone House, which has a sleeping capacity of 17 and a meeting capacity of 25, the additional 8 people could camp outside the house or use an A-frame cabin which sleeps 2 people. Campers/bed rollers and those using A-frame cabins would require use of the East Side Bathhouse.  There is an event fee which is added to the fees listed below that will be charged depending on the retreat/event you are planing

Dovetailing with the School and Summer Camps

While our programs are in session, our students stay in cabins on the west side of campus and use the Central Campus, Dining Hall, Meeting House and office area for their daytime and evening activities. Groups who would like to have exclusive use of the dining hall and central campus, such as those who will be in silence while on they’re here, may contact the Operations Manager at 530.273.3183 ext 13 to schedule a time when the students will be away. They are on site for approximately 12 weeks per semester, so it is often possible to coordinate schedules.


Sleeping CapacityMeeting Room Capacity


per day/night

Housekeeping Fees (one-time fee for groups)

Stone House1725$400.00$200
A-frames (East Side Cabins), bathhouse must be rented as well12 cabins/
2 beds in each
0$50.00 each$20 each
West Side Cabins, bathhouse must be rented as well8 cabins/
5 beds in each
0$75.00 each$30 each
Meeting House0100$150.00$100
Dining Hall & Kitchen0100$200.00


Adult Camping/Bed rollingup to 50 total $15.00 
Child Camping/Bed rolling  $10.00 
Bathhouse (East Side or West Side)   $50.00


An event fee of $500 is charged to groups with thirty participants or higher to cover costs of logistic planning and general site upkeep.

  • If you are interested in having meals included, please request specifically. 
  • To view the campus layout please download our Campus Map.
  • We also have a brochure detailing the Stone House.

Information and Policies

What to bring

Items that visitors might like to bring include good hiking shoes, insect repellent, rain wear in the rainy months, swim wear and a beach towel in the hot months if you plan a trip to the river or Mel’s pond, and a flashlight (there are no lights around campus at night). 

Quiet Time

In order to maintain a tranquil and restful atmosphere for all persons using our facility we have quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.  During these times, we request that noise be limited to quiet levels indoors.  

Speed Limit

We value the simplicity and tranquility of this place and want to ensure safety and clean dust-free air for the residents, visitors and neighbors of Sierra Friends Center.  We expect strict observance of the 10 mph speed limit on Woolman Lane and on the school property.  

Health and Safety Policies

  • We are located in a fire prone area, so fire safety is critical.  Candles and incense are not permitted. Outdoor campfires and woodstove fires during the fire season require a CDF permit.
  • No visiting pets are allowed at Sierra Friends Center.  The only exception is for working companions of the disabled.
  • Tobacco and alcoholic beverages are not permitted at Sierra Friends Center.
  • Parents are expected to provide responsible supervision of children at all times, including times when primary childcare providers are having meals and taking breaks.

Financial Policies

Reservation and Deposit

Your reservation will be confirmed when we receive your signed contract, a rental deposit totalling 25% of the contract amount. For weddings, we require a $500 site deposit, which is refundable if the site is left clean and without any damages. 

Changes and Cancellations 

In the event that your group must cancel the reservation, cancellation fees will apply as follows:

If cancellation is received:
Cancellation fees will equal:

Greater than 3 months before arrival date

25% of deposit amount

2-3 months before arrival date

50% of deposit amount

1-2 months before arrival date

75% of deposit amount

Less than 1 month before arrival date

Full deposit

In the event that your group wishes to change the reservation to include fewer spaces, cancellation fees will be a proportional percentage of the above amounts.