What makes life an adventure?

July, 2010


On Jul 2, 2010, Cindy Trueblood said:

Exploring new territory in all aspects of life- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Life is an adventure when you approach challenges with courage- with an open heart and willingness to learn and work with others. The Woolman Semester and Sierra Friends Camp encourage this kind of adventurous way of living life!

On Jul 15, 2010, Jeremy DP said:


On Jul 19, 2010, Amelie Gartin said:

Discovering what peace is.

On Jul 20, 2010, Samantha Sommers said:

Allowing yourself to be drawn to new places and experiences, then diving in.

On Jul 22, 2010, Becca Imseis said:

Being open to the world and embracing opportunity. 

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