Family Work Camp Details

2009 Family Work Camp

May 20, 2013

Dear Family Workcampers,
Work camp is fast approaching!  Here are some of the details you’ll need as you make your preparations.


Click here to Download, print, and sign the Participant Agreement. Please bring it with you to Family Work Camp

Family camp will gather on Sunday, June 16th in the afternoon starting around 4:00, in time to get settled before dinner. First-timers orientation will be held at 5 p.m. Our first meal together will be at about 6 p.m. in the dining hall.  In the evening we’ll get acquainted and plan our work and leisure activities for the week.  
If you have not already requested accommodations, please contact Bonnie Madden at 530-273-3183 or to let her know if you prefer indoor accommodations or have special needs. We will do our best to accommodate requests but we’ll need to assess the needs and availability before we confirm where you’ll be staying. We will assume that you are staying in a tent if you do not let us know otherwise. 
Fees and Enrollment Information
If you haven’t already paid by credit card when you registered online, please send your work camp fees by check as soon as possible. The adult fee is $65, and the fee for children ages 3 – 11 is $35. There is no charge for children under age 3. A Participant Agreement and Assumption of Risk form is attached here. Please complete it for every member of your family and send it in with your deposit. 
Schedule and Jobs
Our workday begins at about 9 a.m. and continues until around noon, after which we enjoy an hour for lunch together. In the afternoon there are community activities, time to chat, nap, take walks, visit Mel’s pond, play music, or read a favorite book.  Excursions off campus may take us to historic sites or an afternoon at the Yuba River.  The friendly evening soccer game is open to all and other games and activities are welcome. Please bring your favorites to share! There are many opportunities for music, so bring an instrument if you like.  We end the week with an afternoon of outdoor family games and a variety/talent show Saturday night after dinner.  On Sunday morning we’ll clean up and say goodbye with a closing circle before lunch. 
Here are some of the possible jobs.  Some are heavy, some are light, and all are needed. You’ll do the work that you choose.  
  • painting the outside of the meeting house
  • fixing the roof/doing some drywall repair/and painting the inside of the pottery studio (big job)
  • continuing with scotch broom removal
  • wood and splitter crew
  • replace roof on a-frame 12
  • garden
  • pond crew - seeding & planting picnic area/ picnic table building/ bridge repair/ general cleanup
  • bridge replace/ repair on two other campus bridges
  • road/ditch/brush crew
Things to Bring to Work Camp
Personal Items:
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping pad for campers, tent if desired, flash light, fan and reading lamp for cabins, and perhaps a hammock or folding chair.
  • Clothing – Old clothes without holes, including clothes you can spill paint on, sturdy shoes for work, sandals for cooling off, tennis shoes and/or rubber boots for wet work, hats or sun visors, sun glasses, swim suit, sweaters and jacket for cool mornings and evenings.
  • Toilet articles – Soap, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, sun blocks and lotions, insect repellent, any medications, etc.
  • Technu (we will have some but you may want to have your own handy if you are especially sensitive to poison oak and want it available right when you need it)
  • Leisure needs – Books, writing materials, camera, sketchbook, cards, and reading glasses.
Work Items:
  • Work gloves
  • Goggles
  • Tools, including
    • cordless drills
    • impact drivers
    • skill saws
    • sawzall
    • pruners
    • loppers
    • pruners
    • tool belt with any small hand tools you’d like to have available.
  • If you know which jobs you would like to work on, it would be helpful if you’d bring the tools you’re likely to use.  Please label them clearly.
Group Sharing:
  • Musical instruments, favorite games, songs
  • Slides of trips or past work parties, stories, and ideas to discuss.  
  • Surplus garden fruits and vegetables
Please do not bring pets.
Further Information
If you are new and full of questions, remember the leadership is made up mostly of volunteers who just love work camp. For questions regarding the site, please contact Bonnie Madden at Sierra Friends Center, for work camp program questions please call one of the co-directors. 
We are all looking forward to a week of enjoying old friends, meeting new, and getting that wonderful feeling of accomplishing an important job in good company and in good spirits.  
Camp Co-Directors  
Jim Anderson: 530-345-3429
Bob Runyan:   530-635-7852
Kathy Runyan: 530-635-0962