How Well Would You Fit?



You are a unique individual. We are a unique camp. Are we compatible? Time to find out!

We are all the combined products of our family values, geographical location of upbringing, peer groups, habits, attitudes and political beliefs of our teachers and mentors, and the environments that we participate in on a daily basis. The following are values of our community, please consider them and how well you’d be able to respect them when applying.


We are a smoke-free campus. Maintaining a habit while working here is not an option, and working through the recovery from one while here would likely lead to struggle.

We are an intentional community that embraces vegetarian, natural, and organic foods. We eat from our garden as much as possible, buy locally for what we are able and carefully avoid trans fats, HFCS and PHVOs. We believe very, very strongly in the importance of high quality nutrition in the diets of our campers and staff. What feeling does the idea of 8+ weeks without alcohol or intoxicants bring you? (This does not refer to a single, socially consumed drink on the weekend opted for by an of-age adult while off campus.)

Technology and Media

In a world where technology is ubiquitous, we strive to create an environment for campers that emphasizes the natural beauty around us and the entertainment that can be created interacting with it. Do the use of Twitter, texting, Facebook, tablets, phone apps, or other communication mediums represent an important part of your life? How would it feel to you to live all summer in an area that barely gets cell reception and the primary use of your personal computer will be geared toward letter writing and record keeping for your job?

Additionally, we want to create a space of awareness where staff and campers can talk about popular culture and what they’ve observed in society in a way that brings respect to others, positivity and reality to focus. Please consider this when deciding what message you will send campers about the importance of brand names, makeup, tv-shows, magazines, music, etc.

Energy/Self Management

We want staff members who can rest when they need to rest, work when they need to work, and budget time accordingly. More so than that, we need the kind of people who can speak up when something is amiss. We expect staff to use time off in a way that allows them to return well rested and ready to give camp their all.

Being able to identify factors that hold you at less than your best and proactively manage them are important skills to have at camp. What triggers you? How do you respond to it? We expect that conflicts and negative energy will be dealt with in a respectful manner geared toward involved parties to gain growth and understanding.

Think about the above values and the things in this life that bring you a natural sense of joy, elation, or sustained happiness. How many of these do you believe you will find at camp? How satisfied do you believe you will be with a life here, with these values? Camp Woolman needs those who welcome challenge, offer compassion, engender trust, facilitate growth, inspire fun and magic, and participate in the daily, positive exchange of energy that sustains a healthy community.

Empathy and Discipline

Bribes, punishments, threats, guilt, unrelated consequences, and behavioral debts can be easy for an authoritative figure, but tremendously difficult for a child. We strive to be intentional and empathetic with campers regarding discipline.

The goal here is not so much to correct the behavior at any cost, as it is to foster an understanding of WHY the rules that govern it are there in the first place. When fear ordains an expectation, the actions change for a short while but are not likely to last. When the heart changes entirely to make room for a new understanding, the change to action is far more likely to be permanent, and accompanied by commitment to that change. We find that heart changes more frequently come from a feeling of being cared for and supported than from anything else.

This is also the point at which a disciplinarian becomes a behavioral guide, a teacher becomes a mentor, and a counselor becomes a life changer. It is a matter of investment in the pupil. If you can inspire someone to care then you truly have changed their life, and furthermore touched their soul.