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May 27, 2010
This is an exciting and poignant time of year at Woolman...
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News and Inspiration from Woolman
May 2010
Join The Intensive
This is your invitation to be a part of a groundbreaking new course. The Woolman Summer Intensive: Sustaining Earth, Sustaining Community is a week-long workshop for adults, June 20-25. to come together in joyous community and study permaculture and Nonviolent Communication. Register now.
Double Your Impact
A loyal supporter has offered matching funds to encourage the wider Woolman community to make contributions to our 2009-10 Annual Fund. These matching funds will double all new and increased donations made by May 31st, giving you an opportunity to have your generosity go even further! If this is your first donation to Woolman, the entire amount will be matched, thus doubling its value. If you've donated in the past, the matching funds will double any increase in your giving this school year compared to last year. You can donate online or by mail through the Contribute page of our new website. We are grateful to all who are helping us carry on this valuable work of changing lives and the world.
Family Work Camp
You are invited to join us for Family Work Camp, a week of fun for all ages. The work is important - and the appreciation profound! 6/13-20 Register now.
Mexico Bound
Students and teachers ventured across the border last semester, studying immigration and citizenship, environmental impacts of the border, and water rights issues.

You Are Invited
      This is an exciting and poignant time of year at Woolman. Our spring semester students are finishing their studies and preparing for the transition home. It is sad to contemplate losing them, with their incredible energy, enthusiasm, and passion for creating a better world. To see them share some of the amazing work they have done this semester, come to baccalaureate this Friday at 7:30pm. And please join us for the graduation ceremony this Saturday at 9am, to hear students and teachers speak about what this semester has meant to them.
      We also have some exciting events coming up. June 20-25 you can join us for the first ever Woolman Intensive, a week-long workshop for adults focusing on community, permaculture, and nonviolent communication. The following week is our popular Family Work Camp, a week of fun not to be missed. And in July Sierra Friends Camp takes off again with a summer of adventures for 9-14 year olds.
studentsWhat's in Your Activist Toolkit?
by Spring 2010 Woolman Semester students
      As the final written assignment in English: Peace Studies class students assembled their "Toolkit" from the semester: concepts, ideas, tactics, readings, people, music, and art, that help them to understand, engage and practice peace and nonviolence. Here are some of their responses:
      Karina: When I go back home, I'm going to figure out how to help people who are not given the chance to thrive in life with the opportunities others have.
      Katherine: Structural violence really showed me how everything seems to fall back to the same key word.
      Jordan: Guillermo Gomez-Pena's The New World Border speaks about unity and how to combat inequality through art, music and youth activism.
      Ruthie: The power of service - reflecting on my experience in Visalia helped me see that while activism may be flashy, service brings people home.
      Tsechu: I read and learned about Satyagraha, Gandhi's activism and philosophy.
      Rachel: Walter Wink's article The Myth of the Domination System introduced me to the concept of redemptive violence - it was an idea I had never encountered before, but now see absolutely everywhere.
More Than a New Website
by Coleman Watts, Program Coordinator
      Click this link and you'll see the new, completely redesigned woolman.org. More than just a new website, this is a space for the Woolman community to reach far beyond campus, and to allow people all over the world to be a part of our community. On this quickly-growing site, you'll find monthly queries to ponder, recipes from our kitchen, blog posts on a vast number of topics, with more coming soon.
Open Source, Open Minds
      In creating this new community space, we didn't turn to some fancy web-design company to sell us a slick package. Instead, we turned to the open source community and our own ingenuity to make something that's uniquely Woolman. By joining with the Free Software movement, we're helping to promote worldwide collaboration and community building.
Camp is Right Around the Corner
Do you know anyone who likes swimming? Playing outside? Making new friends? Inventing silly games or making art? Then they would love Sierra Friends Camp! Tell all your friends between ages 9 and 14 that Woolman is the place to be for a week or two of fun, laughter adventure, and new growth. Spots are still available for all four weeks in July.
YubaFinding My Land Ethic
by Rachel Brazie, student
      "Obligations have no meaning without conscience, and the problem we face is the extension of the social conscience from people to land." This is what the great land ethicist Aldo Leopold says in A Sand County Almanac, that while we often recognize an obligation to the land, it is meaningless until it becomes part of our consciences. No statement could have applied more to me before I came to Woolman. I had a well developed social conscience, but it only applied to people.       When I arrived at Woolman as an anthropocentrist, I was not looking forward to the environmental science class. In the four months since, my world has been flipped around. Environmental science has become my favorite class and I have become a staunch advocate for the earth. I have cultivated a new respect for nature at large and have learned to love dirt. I have embraced my role as a member of this diverse biotic community, not just as a spectator who is limited to saving it or destroying it, but rather as a member who's capable of communing with it.       Leopold says that "it is inconceivable that an ethical relation to land can exist without love, respect, and admiration for land, and a high regard for its value." At the Yuba River, Woolman Campus, and all of the other places we've been this semester, I've found that love, respect, and admiration, and will not soon let it go.
RyanAlumni Corner
      Ryan Simon came to the Woolman Semester as a senior in the spring of 2005. He is currently studying journalism in college and writes for several San Francisco Bay area newspapers about a variety of local and global topics. One of his passions is finding ways to promote peace in the Israel-Palestine region. Check out one of his recent articles on the subject.
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