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Spring 2014 Students Arrive at Woolman

February 4, 2014

Students arrived January 18th and immediately launched into non-stop activities that are legendary at Woolman: Orientation, with fun community building games, sharing stories around the fire circle, overnight solos, an all-day trek from Woolman to the Yuba River; and the first week of the regular schedule with classes, dish crew, shared work, and community meeting. Carl Sigmond, Woolman’s Media & Technology Intern and co-teacher of the documentary class says, “What a wonderful, amazing, vibrant, incredible group of students we have this semester. There's an energy in this group that is palpable—a real sense of purpose. I can't wait to see what this semester brings.”

  1. Spring 2014 Students Arrive at Woolman
  2. Woolman Bids Farewells to Watts and De Sa Family
  3. Where Does Woolman Get its Food?
  4. Visit from Sam Justman, Class of 1990

Fall Capstone Projects Now Online!

January 8, 2014

If you were unable to attend the final projects or graduation ceremony in December 2013, or if you want to get a dose of inspiration again, watch them online! We have posted hours of video on our website. View the Fall 2014 Peace Studies Documentaries, Global Issues and Sustainablility Project presentations, and the graduation ceremony itself!  

  1. Peace Studies Documentaries and Videos of Final Projects and Graduation Online!
  2. What's Up in the Woolman Garden?
  3. We Welcome the Spring 2014 Semester!
  4. The New Kid on the Block
  5. Strategies for Transitioning Beyond Woolman

Spring at Woolman

April 20, 2012

Baby goats and baby lambs, daffodils and apple blossoms. It is hard to avoid being prosaic about spring at this time of year. Woolman has never looked better, with a garden bursting with promise of summer bounty, the orchard pruned and the wildflowers (there are even ones named Henderson shooting stars) blossoming in the woods and meadows.


Spring Semester Begins

February 10, 2012


After the first full day of Spring Orientation, I sat bundled up in a ring of students, interns, teachers and staff around a blazing fire. The temperature was in the thirties with a bit of wind chill.  We had tried to convince Jacob, the Environmental Science teacher, that we could have our fire circle indoors in front of the wood stove. Jacob was not impressed and reminded us that people have been gathering around fires for thousands of years…and that something important can happen when we do.


Venturing Forth

July 8, 2010

In this issue, we look at Woolman Semester students who have gone out in the world to make a difference. Here are some of their thoughts and stories. To see more amazing work by Woolman alumni, please visit our new student projects page for a small but growing showcase.

  1. Artist-Activists
  2. Food for Thought
  3. Food Manifesto
  4. Today, Not Tomorrow
  5. Workers' Rights in India

You Are Invited

May 27, 2010
This is an exciting and poignant time of year at Woolman. Our spring semester students are finishing their studies and preparing for the transition home. It is sad to contemplate losing them, with their incredible energy, enthusiasm, and passion for creating a better world. To see them share some of the amazing work they have done this semester, come to baccalaureate this Friday at 7:30pm. And please join us for the graduation ceremony this Saturday at 9am, to hear students and teachers speak about what this semester has meant to them.
We also have some exciting events coming up. June 20-25 you can join us for the first ever Woolman Intensive, a week-long workshop for adults focusing on community, permaculture, and nonviolent communication. The following week is our popular Family Work Camp, a week of fun not to be missed. And in July Sierra Friends Camp takes off again with a summer of adventures for 9-14 year olds.
  1. Activists' Toolkit
  2. Mexico Bound
  3. More Than A New Website
  4. Get Ready for Camp!
  5. Finding A Land Ethic
  6. Alumni: Ryan Simon

Food, Water and Housing

March 24, 2010
These three basic necessities have been the recent focus of Woolman Semester classes. Environmental Science has been diving in to the issue of water rights: who gets to drink it, and who gets to control it. Their unit culminated in a mock court-hearing about the use of our local watershed, the Yuba River.
Food and housing were the themes of our two service trips: one group of students traveled to Visalia, where they worked alongside soon-to-be homeowners with Self-Help, an organization that helps people in need build their own homes. The other group worked in Sacramento with Soilborn Farm to grow fresh organic procuce for inner-city residents. They also helped Harvest Sacramemnto to glean fruit that would otherwise go to waste from backyard fruit trees. They then spent a day at the Sacramento Food Bank, distributing the food they had helped gather.
  1. Feeding Community
  2. Service Trip Photos
  3. Housing: Learning to Love Service
  4. Get Ready for Camp!
  5. To Dam or Not to Dam
  6. Alumni: Rico Chenyek

Place, Power and Participation

February 21, 2010
The spring semester has just begun, and already so much has happened. Students spent their first week hiking, doing service, and learning about coastal ecology at Jughandle Ecological Staircase. Then classes started: Global Issues began by looking at citizenship and participation, Peace Studies examined structures of power, and Environmental Science studied the meaning of "place." This issue presents a sampling of students engagement with these concepts and experiences.
  1. Combating Spectatoritis
  2. On the Coast
  3. The Power of Place
  4. Power to Make Change
  5. End of an Era...
  6. Global Couch Potatoes

A Season of Gratitude

December 21, 2009
One of our school's founders and lifelong supporters, Russ Jorgensen, passed away on November 28, 2009. With his dry wit, committed pacifism, love of his wife Mary, and too-numerous-to-count arrests for civil disobedience, Russ inspired and challenged us all. Losing Russ at this time of year only makes us more aware of our gratitude to Russ and all who created Woolman. As we celebrate our graduates of the 12th Woolman Semester, we remember the life of Russ Jorgensen. We ask that you join us in that celebration by supporting these young people who come to Woolman to learn to live lives, as Russ did, of integrity and action. Please consider joining with Russ's lifelong support of Woolman by making a donation this month to the Woolman Semester.
  1. Support Woolman
  2. The Heartbreak of Teaching
  3. A Season at Woolman
  4. Memories Worth Remembering
  5. Giving Thanks
  6. Let's Begin!

Sharing the Wealth

November 21, 2009
The week spent in Mexico tied together all three classes, bringing together water issues from Environmental Science with wealth and poverty from Peace Studies and border politics from Global Issues. In this issue you'll find students making connections between these themes, articulating global problems in need of solutions, and envisioning ways to create positive change. Please join the dialogue, either on WordPress, Facebook, or by submitting an article for publication.
  1. A Traveler's Treatise
  2. Mexico in Photos
  3. Border Crossing In Another's Shoes
  4. Life Without Water
  5. Who Gets Water, Who Gets Sewage?
  6. Ghosts of the Border

Service is a Two-Way Road

October 27, 2009
In this issue you will find a multitude of ideas and experiences of service by Woolman Semester students, interns and staff, inspired and informed by their recent week-long service trips. Is service really relevant to Peace Studies class? What's the relationship between service and activism? Who do we serve, and in what ways does service serve us? You'll find the full versions of these abridged articles, plus more on our WordPress blog. And we hope you will join with us in creating a two-way dialogue by adding your own voice, either by commenting on blog articles, or by submitting your own. And be sure to join the Woolman Facebook fan site to be part of the dialogue.
  1. Service & Activism
  2. Service Trip Scenes
  3. Going Out On The Line
  4. Serving the Planet, Serving Local Food
  5. Is Service Related to Peace Studies?
  6. Simple Gifts

The Food Issue

September 30, 2009
Woolman Semester students returned from the recent food intensive with fresh ideas about food justice, organic farming, eating meat, sustainability, and genetic engineering. You can read some of their thoughts and experiences in the articles below, but it doesn't end there. You'll find more food for thought on our WordPress blog, where you can add your own ideas into the mix. You can connect with the day-to-day happenings on our campus by joining the Woolman Facebook fan site, discuss big ideas on our Twitter page, and comment about student-produced videos on YouTube. We look forward to hearing from you.
  1. Join The Conversation
  2. Interconnectedness
  3. Woolman... To Go
  4. Feedlots: Greener than Pastures?
  5. Joining the Herd
  6. Slaughterhouse Ethics