Volunteer Internships at Woolman

Internships provide opportunities for working, growing, and learning as part of the Woolman educational community. The experience enriches the lives of interns through a multitude of experiences and opportunities while simultaneously enriching the lives of students, campers, staff, and everyone else in the community through the presence and contributions of the volunteers. Interns are fully integrated into the life, work, and play of the Woolman community, and gain valuable knowledge and experience by taking responsibility for important aspects of its functioning.

Woolman internships are modeled as a work-exchange: interns lend their valuable skills to the community, and receive room, board, and valuable experience for free. The community intern program is an intensive living and working experience, so a strong work ethic and open mind are a must. Interns do not receive pay, nor do they pay for their time here.

Woolman Community Volunteer Internship

This year-long program gives interns the full Woolman experience: they work with Woolman Semester students and teachers during the fall, winter and spring, and camp counselors and campers during the summer if they so choose. They go through nearly a full growing season in the garden, and help prepare delicious meals in the kitchen year-round.
We accept 8 community interns per year -- the application deadline is March 16.

Online Outreach Volunteer Internship Program

This position is available to 1 person per year, and involves working with technology and social media to spread the word about Woolman and build its online presence. Work includes posting blog articles, managing photo galleries, working with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, building and maintaining our website, and working with campus technology. This internship, like every position at Woolman, involves a rich community experience, and also includes participation in the Woolman intern seminar and community events.