Volunteer Internships at Woolman

Are you having a hard time deciding if you want to be a youth mentor, outdoor and academic trip leader, chef, farmer, or teacher?  Explore each of these roles on our 230 acre property in Northern California. The Community Intern Program is a 10 to 12 month experience of living, working, growing, and learning as part of the Woolman educational community.  Interns work in the garden, the kitchen, as teaching assistants in the classroom, and as mentors for the students. As such, interns form an essential thread that helps weave together the fabric of life here. 

Woolman internships are modeled as a work-exchange: interns lend their valuable skills to the community, and receive room, board, valuable experience and education for free. The community intern program is an intensive living and working experience, so a strong work ethic and open mind are a must. Interns do not receive pay, nor do they pay for their time here.

Community Internship

This year-long program gives interns the full Woolman experience: they work with Woolman Semester students and teachers during the fall, winter and spring, and camp counselors and campers during the summer if they so choose. They go through nearly a full growing season in the garden, and help prepare delicious meals in the kitchen year-round.

We accept 8 community interns per year. The application deadline has passed. Please check back in early 2017 for more information. 

Farm to Table Internship

Our Farm to Table Internship is a 10-12 month program that offers a unique chance to explore the richness and fulfillment of working in garden education and food advocacy.  This program offers a blend of activities and learning styles for anyone interested in celebrating, growing, preparing and enjoying nutrient dense food within our educational community.  Program activities include everything from studying the soil food web, nutrient cycling, vermaculture, crop planning, seed saving, Permacultre, beekeeping, fruit tree pruning and herbalism to nutrition, cooking, fermentation, body systems, food scarcity, food justice, food culture and more!  Participants will work in the garden, the kitchen and in class to deepen their understanding and experience of the natural systems that we depend on, current food systems and enjoyable alternatives.   It is such a gift to use the beauty of the garden and the deliciousness of food as a lens to foster passion, awareness and gratitude in the lives of our students and visiting school groups — come try it out for yourself!

We accept one Farm-to-Table intern per year. The application deadline has passed. Please check back in early 2017 for more information.