Honoring Dorothy Henderson & Doug Hamm

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Free - Open to Public
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February 2, 2013 - 5:00pm - 9:00pm
We will gather at Sierra Friends Center to honor Dorothy Henderson and Doug Hamm, who retire from their positions as Head of School and Maintenance Supervisor at Sierra Friends Center on January 31, 2013. Please join us in expressing gratitude to Dorothy and Doug, who arrived at Woolman over 12 years ago and have given whole-heartedly to the Woolman community in innumerable ways. 
We look forward to a wonderful celebration of Dorothy and Doug and all that they have contributed to the Woolman community.
We hope you will be able to join us!


5:00 pm  Meeting for Worship in the Meetinghouse

6:30 pm Dinner in the Dining Hall, followed by further opportunities to celebrate Dorothy and Doug  

Please RSVP by January 26                 

You are welcome to arrive earlier in the afternoon to enjoy the campus.  If you would like a tour of campus, meet Woolman Semester students and interns at the office at 4:15pm. 

We know that many of you will not be able to join us for the event in person. We encourage you to take some time to reflect on the ways that Dorothy, Doug and the Woolman community have touched your life and the lives of so many others. You are welcome to send your thoughts and appreciations by posting a response below: after scrolling down through the existing responses you will find a window in which to type a message. If you prefer to send a message via email you can send it to cindy.trueblood@gmail.com and she will share it with Dorothy and Doug.

You are also invited to give to the Henderson-Hamm Scholarship Fund, which will provide financial aid for Woolman Semester students. The Board has created this fund in honor of Dorothy, Doug, and Dorothy’s mother, Lynne Henderson, who has been a steadfast and generous Woolman community member for many years. Donations and pledges will be matched dollar-for-dollar from a $20,000 matching fund. Donations can be made online or sent to Woolman Semester School, 13075 Woolman Lane, Nevada City, CA 95959. No donation is too small or too large; all gifts are meaningful and appreciated!        

Click to donate to the Henderson-Hamm Scholarship Fund

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Honoring Doug and Dorothy

On Jan 22, 2013, Anna Best said:

Doug and Dorothy,

You changed my life. Doug, your voice of enthusiasm helped me learn and get excited about Permaculture, which is now my career and life path. Thank you.

Dorothy, your NVC workshops opened up a whole new way for me and Michael to communicate with each other, which shifted us into a healthier, more gratifying partnership. Thank you. 

Much love and many prayers to you both as you step into this thrilling transition.



Hear hear, Anna! Bravo to

On Jan 22, 2013, Peggy O'Neill said:

Hear hear, Anna! Bravo to you  for taking these exciting and scary steps into the future with your beloved. I'm so glad I got to be at Woolman when you were both there, and so glad you got to have that experience together.  What a memory, Michael crossing the "finish line" on his bike, riding in from Alaska.... LOVE!  HUGS!

Id love to come

On Jan 22, 2013, Samantha Johnson said:

Hi I'd love to come, but I'm not to keen on making the drive up by myself. Is there anyway to find out if theres anyone from Sacramento driving up or if anyone is going through Sacramento? Thanks!


On Jan 22, 2013, Cindy Trueblood said:

Hi Samantha,

I know that there are people coming from Sacramento and through Sacramento from the Bay Area, including us. Send me an email at cindy.trueblood@gmail.com and I will link you with a ride.

Looking forward to seeing you! Cindy


On Jan 22, 2013, Peggy O'Neill said:

Dear Dorothy and Doug, We are so glad you are being well honored for your tremendous contributions to the Woolman community all these years. Personally, we are very grateful to you for being there for our children and grandchildren as they lived in and also served this community. All of our lives have been enriched by your deep love and selfless service.  We will never forget you, you both have a special place in our hearts forever, and you are always welcome in our home in Virginia....and we sincerely hope you will come to see us!  With love and big hugs,  Peggy O'Neill and Al Watts

Dear Dorothy and Doug,

On Jan 23, 2013, Alanna Tenney said:

I have so much gratitude that I wish I could express to the both of you in person, sadly from across the country I can only convey a fraction of my thanks. You two are such divine and beautiful spirits, you have taught me so much about honoring & holding space. Dorothy, I will never forget your unbelievable presence in and outside of meeting. I'm not sure if you've noticed your ability to move a room full of people by standing and saying a few simple words, but everyone else certainly has. Doug, you bring such a warm and kind attitude to campus. Not only were you one of the first to make me feel truly welcomed and at home when I arrived at Woolman, but you continued to do so throughout the semester. I believe Woolman will always hold a space for the two of you, and your loving energies will continue to strengthen and lift the community even in your absence. Thank you so much for everything, I'm sending huge hugs for the both of you from New Hampshire!

Thank You

On Jan 23, 2013, Rosalind Parducci said:

Dear Dorothy and Doug,

Dorothy, your NVC classes and humor and openness about yourself brought a new light to my life. I went home and worked on communication/NVC with my family, and that really provided a wonderful space for us to come together. You served well as head of school, and have always been accessible and truthful and loving.

Doug, your dedication and excitement for work are one of a kind. Woolman has been transformed by that energy, and my life given motivation and enthusiasm to have work parties! I also love how musical you are, and remember many a time walking by the house and hearing your fiddle tones coming out into the field.

Thank you both for your engaging heartfelt commitment to Woolman. You helped make my experience there, as well as many others', richer and even more lasting.

Can't make it out, as I am in school still in North Carolina. But I would love to hear from you whenever you get the chance.

Much love, and best of luck on your life changes.


Ranch House Dinner!

On Jan 23, 2013, Carl Magruder said:

Will bring the fiddle.

Thank you

On Jan 24, 2013, Ben Kercheval said:

Dorothy and Doug,

During my brief time at Sierra Friends Center it was an honor to speak with and get to know both of you. Your compassionate presence, humility, and dedication will not be forgotten.


Best of luck in your next endeavors and see you soon,

- Ben

Missing you both/all

On Jan 24, 2013, Zoe Rodine said:

I'm 2,000 miles away from you all in Minnesota, about to start my final semester at Macalester... I wish I could be there to help celebrate and honor you both! The respect and sincerity with which you treated me during my time at Woolman was incredibly important and influential in my life. Thank you for all you do! 



On Jan 25, 2013, Irene McHenry said:

Dear Dorothy and Doug,

Deep gratitude to you both for all of your good work in developing  and implementing the Woolman Semester program and sustaining and nurturing Sierra Friends Center. I will be en route to Tasmania (the largest Friends school in the world is there in Hobart) while you are celebrating, so I will be sending good wishes through space and sky to your hearts.



Thanks for overseeing continuity of purpose from JWS through WS

On Jan 25, 2013, Brian Fry said:

I am so sorry to miss the event in your honor next Saturday.  I will be in Walla Walla, WA, visiting my 95 year-old mom.  I have gratitude for both of you, and for Amy and Chamba, Kathy and Bob, Shana, Ted,and many others who helped shepherd the hard transition from the end of John Woolman School 11+ years ago through to the current incarnation of the Woolman Semester.  All of you were helpful in providing a continuity of the essential spirit and purpose of the JWS that I loved, even through a time when the wisdom of the day seemed to demand a divorce from the legacy of the school.  You were all part of the development of a new successor educational endeavor, that proudly carries the Woolman name and core values into the future.  Doug, you continued your constant caretaking of the grounds and buildings and special features that support and nurture the magic and community common to both JWS and the Woolman Semester.  Dorothy, you bravely stepped in to head the Wooman Semester and Sierra Friends Center when needed, to keep the progress going.  The several years of Woolman Semester have seen some amazing staff, interns, and students who all contribute to a better future for our planet.  They keep me connected to the memory of other staff and students that helped create the best of John Woolman School in its years from the early 1960's.

Thank you!           -Brian

Thank you for sharing your lives

On Jan 26, 2013, Mary L. Roth said:

HI Doug and Dorothy,

I am sorry that no one from our family will be able to attend the event in your honor.Whenever we have come to Woolman it has been a particular pleasure to visit with both of you and meet varoius members of your family. Lavinia learned a lot from both of you and Lynn..Even though I can not visit regularly knowing Woolman is there is a very hopeful part of my life.Please visit us if you are passing through Point Richmond and have a very Happy retirement. Our Best always to you and your family. from Mary and BillyBob and family


On Jan 29, 2013, Michelle Karpinski said:

Doug and Dorothy, 

Congratulations on making the difference in so many lives. I hope we will be able to get together when you are back in Michigan!


On Feb 2, 2013, Henry Freeman said:

Dorothy and Doug--Yes, word of your departure has reached those of us in the hinderlands of Indiana.  Dorothy, I much valued our conversations over the past few years and sharing a bit in your journey at Woolman Semester.  Your enthusiasm for the place is infectious--and I am sure both of you will be missed.

Take care Friend as you move on with your life journey!

The Next Adventure!

On Feb 2, 2013, Kathy Laible said:

Sending wonderful wishes to Doug and Dorothy! It is a pleasure to know you .. and to bump into you now and then in town! Thanks Doug for your infectious calm and your smile! Enjoy everything you do, as you go into your next adventures~~ !

Wishing you the best!

On Feb 2, 2013, Marianna Armstrong said:

Doug and Dorothy,

Thank you for the wonderful legacy you have left behind at Woolman. You have touched so many lives for the better.  Many blessings to you and your famlies as you take this next turn on your life's journey.  I certainly hope our paths cross again in the future.

All the best to you,


Thank you Dorothy and Doug!

On Feb 2, 2013, Sandy Cheek said:
Dear Dorothy and Doug, We can't begin to thank you for all you have done for the students, especially Maya. You changed our lives, as you have no doubt changed the lives of many families over the years. Randy says you have the patience of a saint and we agree. Bless you for all you do. With love, Sandy and Maya Cheek

I love you guys!

On Feb 10, 2013, Tess Solenberger said:

Dorthy, you were the glue that held my semster together. I can't imagine Woolman without you! I love you very much! You and Doug reminded me alot of my mom and dad which was very welcome whenever I felt homesick! I hope I will get to see you both again soon! Until then, stay wonderful.

In love and light,

Tess Eliza

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