Environmental Science Teacher

Starting Date: 
Oct 19, 2015

The Environmental Science teacher is responsible for the design and implementation of the Environmental Science curriculum. Although each teacher brings their own twist to the curriculum, the class is currently being taught through giving students the opportunity to analyze and examine agriculture, global environmental issues and ecosystems. Students investigate environmental topics by applying principles from ecology, biology, psychology, sociology, economics and history. The goal is for each student to realize a stronger understanding of the non-human world and how we as a species affect it. Please thoroughly explore our website before applying.

We are looking for an Environmental Science Teacher to start as soon as possible — ideally during this Fall Semester, but, at the latest, January 15th, 2016. This is an interim position that ends June, 2016. There is potential for this to become a permanent position.

About Woolman

Woolman is a nonprofit educational community located on 230 acres in the Sierra Nevada Foothills dedicated to the principles of peace, justice and sustainability. Originally founded in 1963 as a Quaker high school,Woolman now offers educational programs for teens, retreats for adults, and summer camps for children and families including The Woolman Semester, a 4-month residential education program in northern California for passionate young people who want to make a difference. www.woolman.org.    Woolman is an equal opportunity employer.  


·      Live on campus

·      Participate in Woolman's community kitchen, including meal preparation, eating with the community, and cleaning

·      Work with students to develop critical thinking, research, writing and presentation skills through semi-self-designed curriculum

·      Mentor students on student-driven sustainability projects

·      Collaborate with the farm to table coordinator on cross-curricular initiatives

·      Help cultivate community understanding of environmental justice and the interconnectedness of topics explored in academic courses

·      Serve as an advisor and parent liaison to a third of the student body

·      Be available to students and office hours for help with major assignments

·      Run occasional Friday evening check-in and “Documentary Movie Night”

·      Plan and lead The Food Intensive, a week of touring farms and food systems from various perspectives in and around the Bay Area

·      Co-facilitate Wilderness Trip and Retreat Week with other core teachers

·      Take an active role in Woolman Semester School outreach

·      Plan and lead environmental-based service projects in the local community

·      Attend all meetings including community meeting, programs meeting, updates meeting and staff meeting

In addition to teaching, the Environmental Science Teacher, along with the Peace Studies Teacher and the Global Thinking Teacher, take on one additional role that varies depending on skill sets and needs. Some examples of these are Social Media Coordinator, Kitchen Coordinator, or Sustainability and Woolman Land Coordinator. This role is expected to take 1/4 of your time.

Working Conditions

This position is more a full-life job rather than 40 hours/week.  Teachers fully participate in community life, which means often doing community-wide activities that do not take place during the normal 40-hour week. 

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to hike 5 miles with a 40lb pack
  • Ability to drive a 15 passenger van (filled with teenagers)
  • Pass a TB test

Qualifications and Skills


  • Bachelors degree in Environmental related field
  • Drivers license and clean driving record
  • Ability to pass a background check
  • Experience working with teenagers in residential/overnight setting
  • Experience planning and leading week-long overnight trips for teenagers
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills



  • At least 3 years teaching experience
  • Masters degree in Environmental related field
  • Teaching certification or masters degree in Education
  • Certifications: CPR, Lifeguard, WFR, WEMT, EMT
  • Experience in living in community
  • Experience with Quaker process and ethics
  • Experience with Nonviolent Communication
  • Ability to speak foreign language



Salary is $22,500. Health benefits are available. Room & Board are discounted 60% and end up being around $5,000/year if you choose to rent from us and eat with us.

E-mail resume and compelling cover letter to: Woolman Semester School < >