Camp Woolman Program Manager

Starting Date: 
Jun 10, 2018

The Program Manager is a member of the leadership team that serves both Woolman Camps. The Program Manager helps to plan, organize and lead activities, trips, workshops, and art projects, as well as working with the Camp Director to assist with other camp leadership responsibilities. The ideal candidate should be able to be flexible with their daily routine and be willing to fill multiple responsibilities at camp. A person in this role must feel comfortable reaching out to the local community and setting up special programs throughout the summer, as well as leading various workshops in their own specialty. Proficiency in office technology, comfort with scheduling and logistical puzzles and an observant eye for detail and process development are musts. The Program Director also helps with campers registration.

About us

The Woolman camps - Camp Woolman and Teen Leadership Camp - are small programs serving 9-16 year-olds for six weeks of programming in the summer. Located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills near the scenic Yuba River and Tahoe National Forest, Woolman camps embody values of community, respect for nature, peace, and simple fun. Kids come to learn, play, make friends, and live in an accepting community where they can truly be themselves. In-camp activities include cooperative games, sports, arts, crafts, nature, music, singing, campfires, as well as place-based educational workshops. Each week also includes a three-day backpacking and camping trip to nearby rivers, mountains and farms.


The job officially begins on June 10, 2018 with 10 days of training and preparation. Camp is in session for six weeks, and the job ends on August 10th, after a week days of debriefing and cleanup. As this is an especially important leadership position, you will be asked to stay in constant contact with the director during the 6-8 weeks preceeding the start date in order to ensure that you are fully prepared for the job. 

Desired Qualifications

  • Must be at least 24 years old. Younger applicants may consider a counselor position.
  • Experience planning, scheduling and leading hands-on activities with small and large groups.
  • A highly focused, detail oriented and flexible mind that sits atop a caring, kind and empathetic heart. 
  • Outdoor leadership experience.
  • Prior experience working with young people.
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills. The Program Director is a leader and guiding force in the community and a steward of its values in practice. 


  • Help the Camp Director plan and facilitate counselor training. 
  • Coordinate and oversee on-site camp activities and camper sign ups.
  • Coordinate and oversee backpacking trips.
  • Assist the Opertations Manager with overnight camping trip logistics.
  • Work directly with the Teen Leadership Camp Director and collaborate on program quality.
  • Write the daily and weekly schedules and help keep them on-track.
  • Review activity flow and quality, and work to improve them.
  • Create, distribute and manage camper and staff evaluations.
  • Counsel and support staff.
  • Lead and facilitate Staff Meetings with other staff.
  • Keep records, contribute to the knowledge preservation archives and work to create sustainable and repeatable processes. 
  • Assist in camper and/or counselor difficulties if necessary.
  • Be available to play and have fun with campers when they have worn out their counselors.
  • Participate in the spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of all our beautiful young people.

Who Are We Seeking?

This program is for people who love to work and love to play, who want to learn as well as to teach, who are self-motivated, community-minded, reliable, and who take their responsibilities seriously. A positive attitude and healthy work-ethic are a must; if you sing while washing dishes, laugh when splattered with mud in the garden, or tell jokes while hiking in the rain, this might be the perfect place for you. A background in Quakerism is not necessary, but an interest in Quaker values or a willingness to learn about it is desirable.


The pay range for this position is $2650 for the season. This covers a span of 9 weeks between June 10th and August 6th, with additional time needed for pre-camp meetings in the months leading up to camp. Room and Board is covered as an additional compensation and is independent of your monetary wage.

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Amy Cooke