Employment at Woolman

Working at Woolman is a major lifestyle choice. To commit to community living, to have one's life and work intertwined, to live in a rural setting, and to take a modest salary, all require a high-level of dedication. Above all other qualifications, we are looking for people who will thrive here.

All currently open jobs and internships are listed below. If you are interested in interning at Woolman, you can find out more about internships.

Jobs Available

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Academic Staff

Job Title Starting Date: Description
Farm to Table Manager January 20, 2016

This job has many facets — Managing a garden, taking care of an orchard, mentoring interns and students, teaching at a semester high school, growing food for the community kitchen and CSA, living in and with an intentional community, hosting field trips for young children, and so much more. There is a lot of work, but for the right person, it is fulfilling and rewarding. This is a great job for a person interested in a career in garden and nutrition education, while also being able to work with a group of people dedicated to alternative education and social justice.

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