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Working at Woolman is a major lifestyle choice. To commit to community living, to have one's life and work intertwined, to live in a rural setting, and to take a modest salary, all require a high-level of dedication. Above all other qualifications, we are looking for people who will thrive here.

All currently open jobs and internships are listed below. If you are interested in interning at Woolman, you can find out more about internships.

Jobs Available

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Job Title Starting Date: Description
Community Internship August 3, 2014

Are you having a hard time deciding if you want to be a youth mentor, outdoor and academic trip leader, chef, farmer, or teacher? Do all of them on our 230 acre property in Northern California. 
The job's primary focus is to support the semester school and our high-school students. Interns also spend time working in the garden and cooking meals every week. Interns are asked to take on responsibilities that are crucial to the functioning of the Woolman Semester School.
If you are interested in living what you believe,working hard inside and out, and being a positive role model for high schoolers, apply here:

If you are prepared to work hard for a community that you believe in, and one that believes in you, this may be the perfect place. The Community Internship is a 10 to 12 month experience of living, working, growing, and learning as part of the Woolman educational community. The program enriches the lives of interns through a multitude of learning opportunities while simultaneously enriching the lives of students, staff, and everyone else in the community through the presence and contributions of the interns. Interns are fully integrated into the life, work, and play of the Woolman community, and gain valuable knowledge and experience by taking responsibility for important aspects of its functioning.

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