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Working at Woolman is a major lifestyle choice. To commit to community living, to have one's life and work intertwined, to live in a rural setting, and to take a modest salary, all require a high-level of dedication. Above all other qualifications, we are looking for people who will thrive here.

All currently open jobs and internships are listed below. If you are interested in interning at Woolman, you can find out more about internships.

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Academic Staff

Job Title Starting Date: Description
Environmental Science Teacher October 19, 2015

The Environmental Science teacher is responsible for the design and implementation of the Environmental Science curriculum. Although each teacher brings their own twist to the curriculum, the class is currently being taught through giving students the opportunity to analyze and examine agriculture, global environmental issues and ecosystems. Students investigate environmental topics by applying principles from ecology, biology, psychology, sociology, economics and history. The goal is for each student to realize a stronger understanding of the non-human world and how we as a species affect it. Please thoroughly explore our website before applying.

We are looking for an Environmental Science Teacher to start as soon as possible — ideally during this Fall Semester, but, at the latest, January 15th, 2016. This is an interim position that ends June, 2016. There is potential for this to become a permanent position.

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