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Working at Woolman is a major lifestyle choice. To commit to community living, to have one's life and work intertwined, to live in a rural setting, and to take a modest salary, all require a high-level of dedication. Above all other qualifications, we are looking for people who will thrive here.

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Academic Staff

Job Title Starting Date: Description
Global Thinking and Peace Studies Teacher August 1, 2016

About Woolman

Woolman is a nonprofit educational community located on 230 acres in the Sierra Nevada Foothills dedicated to the principles of peace, justice and sustainability. Originally founded in 1963 as a Quaker high school, Woolman now offers educational programs for teens, retreats for adults, and summer camps for children and families including The Woolman Semester; a 4-month residential education program in northern California for passionate young people who want to make a difference. www.woolman.org.    Woolman is an equal opportunity employer.  

Position Title: Global Thinking and Peace Studies Teacher

Overview of Position

Woolman's English class, Peace Studies, and Government class, Global Thinking, are rigorous, social-justice based courses for inquisitive minds. They provide an advanced language arts and economics/history study utilizing reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language for college and career preparation.


Administrative Staff

Job Title Starting Date: Description
Development Director Contract

We are looking for an experienced fundraiser to seek out new potential sources of funding for our school. Here at The Woolman Semester School, we are changing lives with our community and land-based semester-style education, with classes including Peace Studies, Global Thinking, Farm to Table and Non-Violent Communication. Woolman interweaves life and learning, whether practicing Restorative Justice work on campus or on one of our four week-long academic trips. Our students come from all over the country, representing many different socio-economic backgrounds, made possible by the large amount of financial aid given each semester.

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