Meet the Interns

The Woolman internship programs are an integral part of our community. Interns serve as mentors for our students, teaching assistants in our classes, work in our kitchen and garden, and benefit from living in our intentional community. Find out more about our internship programs.

Community Interns

Morgan Carney

Morgan grew up in the beautiful state of North Carolina, where she kept herself busy dancing, playing soccer, driving her younger twin brothers crazy, and dreaming of changing the world. She was born in Charlotte, but left her heart and soul in Durham, where she studied biology and psychology at Duke University. Her senior year she stumbled across a life-changing class on social entrepreneurship, and completed two documentary photography projects- one about the new, student-run campus farm, and the other about a local elementary school's gardening and cooking program. These experiences got her hands in the dirt and led to a yearlong stint teaching kindergarten and developing a cooking and gardening program at Mundo Verde Public Charter School, a bilingual and sustainability focused school in Washington, DC. She has wild plans to eventually return to Durham and build an extensive nonprofit focused on food, education, leadership, and entrepreneurship… including a very Woolman-y semester school program. While still on the west coast, she considers it her personal mission to spread the use of the word y'all and introduce everyone to grits and fried okra. Here at Woolman, she can often be found pulling up weeds in the garden, whipping up fancy desserts in the kitchen, busting out random dance moves, or reading books about urban agriculture and educational reform under the oak trees.


David Dean

David is the son of two amazing parents and the product of a loving Quaker community in southern Maryland. He recently graduated from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, where he studied Political Science and Sociology. David began his undergraduate years as a member of a basketball team that reached the Division III Final Four. He finished them as a dedicated student set on applying his education in his leadership of initiatives to help college men transcend binding social expectations, and to empower Crow Native American youth to become change-agents in their community. At Woolman, David is getting the opportunity to do two things that he really enjoys: strategically advance the school's mission through the coordination of projects in outreach and development, and build caring relationships with young people as a teacher and mentor. David lives for moments of deep connection with family, friends, a solitary work, and the pulse of the natural world. He loves singing, performing, writing, weaving up and down athletic fields with teammates, and facilitating others' discovery of their own inherent goodness and power to make positive changes in their lives and communities.


Chloe Jacobson

Chloe was born and raised in southwest Oregon in the Rogue Valley. It is there that she developed a love and concern for art, people, and the planet. Her passions and dislike for traditional education systems led her to the Puget Sound rainforest and The Evergreen State College. There she pursued visual arts and psychology with the dream of becoming an art therapist. Along the way she picked up interests in social justice, herbalism, and sustainable agriculture. She has done a multitude of volunteering for nonprofits internationally and locally and worked on several farms. She also enjoys dancing, yoga, and coffee. She came to Woolman to work with the land, people, and live up cabin life.


Heather Livingston

Heather grew up on the east coast and considers western Massachusetts her home. Last year she graduated from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, where she earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies and also sprouted passions for farming, food education, and environmental justice. In her semester abroad in Costa Rica, Heather solidified her curiosity for sustainable agriculture and rediscovered the joy that speaking Spanish, dancing, and being submerged in nature can offer. During her senior year, Heather’s interests blossomed into a farm-based education program for children on her college’s organic farm. Inspired by the possibility of working with creative high school students, getting her hands dirty in the garden, and living in a cabin nestled in the woods, Heather could not resist becoming an active member of the Woolman community!


Danya Morris

Danya did most of her growing-up in a small college town in Ohio, but she has also found homes in southern California, Maine, and Sicily before moving to Nevada City this fall. She is deeply interested in the ways that people (and groups of people) work, live, and play together. Other interests include sweet potatoes, arugula, the way sand feels between her toes, and going on adventures. Education is, for now, something she is thinking about as a vehicle for humans to truly hear and see each other inquisitively, intentionally, and deeply. A recent graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, ME, Danya wrote her undergraduate psychology thesis about conflict resolution and metacognition. She is stoked to be at Woolman this year!


Camilla Tannen-Barrup

Camilla grew up in Gainesville, FL, and is very excited to explore the west coast, but she misses Gainesville's lush natural springs and is bewildered that no one here has heard of boiled peanuts! She spent every summer in Vermont at Farm and Wilderness, a quaker-based farming and social justice focused summer camp. Camilla's parents were the directors of one of the camps so she grew up there as a camper and then continued on as staff for the past 5 summers. She graduated from Eckerd College in '11 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Development. Camilla is thrilled to be working somewhere that values the voices of young people and all they have to offer and to be living in a community with people who support and care for each other.


Tom Vogt

Raised among the rainy hills of Portland, OR, Tom's love of nature grew from childhood camping to a passion for backpacking, botany, and birding in high school. The pull of the woods carried him through to Whitman College and a degree in biology. During his early college summers, Tom shared his enthusiasm for the natural world through outdoor education at the Audubon Society of Portland. The last two summers have found him working directly towards wildlife conservation and habitat restoration at Columbia Land Trust in southern Washington. Woolman's community internship smoothly combines his enthusiasm for outdoor education, sustainable agriculture, and living simply. Alongside these interests, Tom also enjoys film photography, repairing unloved bicycles, and rock climbing.


Aria Watson

Aria feels extremely lucky to have grown up in the North Bay Area of the beautiful Sonoma Valley. Growing up there, she hiked and explored the nature around her, and the peace and insight that hiking offered became essential to her wellbeing and appreciation for all life. She then journeyed to UC Davis, where she graduated in the Spring of 2013. In Davis, she lived in the Tri Cooperatives, student co-op housing, which was a formative experience to who she is now as a person. At the Co-ops, and in the wider Davis community, her passion for sustainable agriculture, nourishing food, Nonviolent Communication, living in community, and agricultural education flourished. When she discovered Woolman, a place where she could learn and teach about farming, education, spirituality, Nonviolent Communication, and living in community all at once, she was smitten! Other things that make her come alive are: meditation practice, Biodynamic Farming, playing folk music, writing poetry, sewing projects, and soulful connections with people.

Farm-to-Table Intern

Amanda Dubinski

Amanda recently left her Indiana hometown to embark on a cross-country journey that eventually led her to the community at Woolman. After studying psychology and religious studies at Indiana University, she lived in an intentional community, worked for a community garden and youth program, taught dance classes, and mentored teenagers for many years. She is passionate about Quaker faith, spirituality, and practice and is recently discovering how to radically love herself and help others to do the same. Amanda is grateful to be a part of a community where so many of her interests and passions converge.

Cow Intern


Rob Dubinski

Wow! You've made it this far. You must really be interested in life here at Woolman! Woo hoo!!! Come visit us, ok? If you do and you happen to meet Rob, he will probably ask you for a hug. Hopefully you'll say yes, if not that's just fine, maybe you would rather hug one of the cows he works with? When Rob isn't feeding or milking cows, managing pastures and shoveling manure, he's probably hanging out at a Catholic Worker house, playing drums in a punk band, eating at a potluck, or riding his bike....someday he would like to do all of these at once.

Media and Technology Intern


Carl Sigmond

Carl grew up in a progressive family and community in Philadelphia, PA, and was an active leader in Quaker youth programs, both regionally and nationally. He attended the Spring 2009 Woolman Semester, an experience that changed his life. He fell in love with the community and land here at Woolman and dreamed of coming back. After attending Haverford College, where he majored in Computer Science and developed an independent minor in Quaker Studies, Carl returned to Woolman to give back to a place that gave him so much. He is enjoying all facets of his internship, especially the time he spends as the co-teacher of the Peace Studies Documentary Class. In his free time, you might find Carl exploring the woods of Woolman's 230-acre campus or relaxing (or eating) with an episode of Democracy Now!.

General Intern


Sevy Steensen

Born in Northern California, grown in Colorado, and ripened in Olympia, WA, Sevy is now an intern at The Woolman Semester. Severin schooled himself in the subjects of environmental science, geology, visual arts, biology, ecology, and eventually received a degree in Sustainable Agriculture (farmin'). He arrived at Woolman, after an epic summer in a van, to be a vegan dairy farmer and soon found out that it made more sense to be a vegan plant and fungus farmer. When he is not working in the garden or tinkering around campus, he is usually adventuring, juggling, drawing, playing, chilling, welding, sewing, learning, or digging a hole.